Method of calculating decoration budget

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Method of calculating decoration budget

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the budget quota of family interior decoration project is an important part of family decoration, which is directly related to the economic capacity and economic rational distribution of the home. Generally speaking, the project budget quota is the standard and basis of the settlement quota at the later stage of the project, and the difference between them is only between 3% and 5%. Therefore, project budget plays an important role in interior decoration

basis for preparation of interior decoration project budget:

1. Decoration project design drawing. Including the planning drawing, that is, the plane sketch before the interior decoration and the plane sketch in the decoration; Partial detail drawings, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. in the hall

2. Decorative effect drawing. Including the overall effect drawing, that is, the effect drawing of the whole room; Partial renderings, that is, renderings of each unit constituting the room

3. Construction scheme of decoration works

compilation methods and steps of interior decoration:

1. Collect data. Collect the data required for budgeting, and find out the location and transportation route of the required materials, so as to determine the required handling costs

2. Be familiar with the contents of drawings and master the design intent. The construction drawing is the main basis for calculating the quantities and applying the budget quota, so we must carefully read the following contents: the elevation and section size of the wall and column surface, the decorative materials and practices, and the connection treatment between the decorative parts and their components; The framework of the ceiling and the structure of the panel; Types and materials of doors and windows; Paint, coating, pasting and other departments and requirements; Size and practice requirements of indoor decorative strips, lamps, mirrors, cabinets and other items

3. Read the quota description and calculate the quantities. On the basis of reading the drawings, first read the general description of the quota, then according to the arrangement order of the quota, compare the relevant contents of the drawings, read the divisional description and the calculation rules of quantities, and select the items to calculate the quantities

4. Apply the quota or unit valuation table to calculate the direct fee. The calculated quantities shall be multiplied by the labor cost, material cost and machinery cost in the quota one by one according to the unit of measurement required by the quota item number, and the total is the direct cost of the item. The specific calculation is carried out on the budget table

the consumption of labor, materials and machinery in the decoration budget is the main indicator in the budget quota, and its calculation formula is as follows:

quota labor cost = quota man days × Daily wage standard

quota material cost = material quantity × Material budget price + machinery consumption cost

(machinery consumption cost is 1%-2% of material cost)

in the actual decoration, the decoration budget cost = material cost + labor cost + loss cost + transportation cost + machinery cost + management fee + tax. Due to the different material prices in different places, the decoration costs are also different, but the calculation formula of decoration quantities is consistent. During decoration, the material consumption can be calculated according to the calculation formula in the following example

floor tile dosage:

dosage per 100m =100 ÷ [(block length + mortar joint width) × (block width + mortar joint width)] × (1+ loss rate)

for example, the specification of retro floor tiles is 0.5 × 0.5m, the seam width is 0.002m, the loss rate is 1%, and the number of blocks required for 100 square meters is: 100 square meters dosage =100 ÷ [(0.5+0.002) × (0.5+0.002) × (1+0.01) = 401 pieces of

ceiling consumption:

ceiling plate consumption = (length - shield length) × (width shielding width)

for example, calculate the amount of PVC plastic ceiling based on the net size area. The unit price of PVC plastic plate is 50.81 yuan/m2, the length and width of shielding are 0.24M, the length and width of ceiling are 3M and 4.5m, and the dosage is as follows:

dosage of ceiling plate = (3-.0.24) × (4.5-0.24) =11.76m2

package door consumption:

package door material consumption = door frame length × The width of the outer door frame is

for example (as shown in the figure). If the outer door frame is 2.7m long and 1.5m wide, the material consumption is as follows:

material consumption of the door =2.7 × 1.5=4.05m2

wallpaper consumption:

wallpaper consumption = (high shielding length) × (width - shielding width) × Wall number - door area - window area

for example (as shown in the figure), the net size area of the wall is calculated, the shielding is 24cm, the wall height is 2.5m, the width is 5m, the door area is 2.8m2, and the window area is 3.6m2, then the dosage is as follows:

wallpaper dosage = [(2.5-0.24) × (5-0.24)] × 4-2.8-3.6=36.6m2

the above is the calculation of part of the material consumption. According to this, multiply the decoration material consumption of each part one by one by their respective unit prices and accumulate, and then the total material cost of the decoration project is obtained

it should be noted that according to the difference between the project investment limit and the standard of construction materials, the price difference of the budget cost of house decoration is very large, so when decorating, we should carefully analyze, select appropriate materials from the perspective of science and art, and make them match reasonably, so as to do a good job in the budget in advance





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