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Hou Changchun, a dealer of Cohen kitchen appliances in Inner Mongolia Chifeng, has officially joined Cohen appliances since 2016, and has opened two Cohen stores in less than two years, which is inseparable from his own hard work and his trust and love for Cohen brand and its products

look at the market and take advantage of it

Mr. Hou originally acted as an agent for a sanitary ware brand in Guangdong, and he also had a little understanding of the kitchen appliance industry. Some customers would also consider the kitchen appliance when buying sanitary ware, so Mr. Hou had the idea of joining the kitchen appliance brand. At the beginning of choosing to join Cohen, President Hou made a comprehensive investigation of Cohen company. In addition to visiting the plant, production line and product process, President Hou also had a long-term communication with the leaders of Cohen. During the communication, President Hou saw the bright future of the kitchen electricity market and the potential of Cohen brand, and then resolutely joined the family of Cohen

gold medal service, attract customers

after the official opening of Mr. Hou's exclusive store, with the experience and contacts accumulated in the previous operation of the bathroom exclusive store, he soon became known as "Cohen kitchen appliances" in the local area. Coupled with the support and help of Cohen headquarters, Mr. Hou not only returned full load in various home decoration alliance activities, but also the sales of the store are increasing year by year. Now speaking of kitchen electrical products, No one in Chifeng doesn't know the brand of Cohen

looking at the current Chifeng kitchen electricity market, the competition between major brands is becoming more and more intense. Many kitchen electricity enterprises regard product quality and innovation as the eternal development focus of brands. With the improvement of the overall quality of kitchen electricity products, service, as a means of non price competition, is also valued by more and more dealers. President Hou's team has implemented the concept of "all-round service" into pre-sales, sales In the whole process of after-sales sales sales, Mr. Hou said that no matter what product it is, consumers will certainly have some incomprehension in the process of selection, purchase and use. At this time, businesses need to reply in time or come to the door to solve it. In Mr. Hou's heart, the attention to the comprehensive service needs of consumers is more realistic than any guarantee commitment, which is also an important reason why consumers recognize Mr. Hou and the brand of youcohen

in the face of today's sales performance, President Hou also said that he chose Cohen because he thought the brand vision of Cohen was very long-term, and Cohen has lived up to President Hou's expectations in the past two years. 2017 is not only a new inflection point for the kitchen and electricity industry, but also a year for the transformation and upgrading of Cohen's brand. In this year, Cohen increased its brand promotion efforts, taking high-speed rail media, passenger transport media and more than 100 well-known online media as the starting point and promotion focus, and vigorously enhanced its brand influence; At the same time, the strong innovation ability of Cohen brand has once again shown its great prestige. The innovative research and development of a full range of kitchen electrical products has constantly appeared in front of consumers, and has set off a "Cohen" trend in the kitchen electrical market around the country. The total sales volume of this year has also embarked on a take-off together with Cohen

the kitchen appliance industry is a very competitive and vibrant industry, and Cohen is a rapidly developing brand in the kitchen appliance industry. In Chifeng, President Hou believes that there is still more room for the development of Cohen kitchen appliances, and President Hou is willing to continue to work with Cohen to bring a truly healthy smoke-free kitchen to more families





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