Argon energy saving and environmental protection.

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With the development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for doors and windows, and doors and windows have also made a qualitative leap. Door and window glasses are also diverse: insulating glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass, etc. However, insulating glass is widely loved by consumers because of its superior performance; So what are the benefits of insulating glass filled with argon and why it is loved by consumers? Angel door and window insulating glass to explain to you:

insulating glass is mainly used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, preventing noise or condensation, and requiring no direct sunlight and special light. The principle of insulating glass is that it is a high-efficiency sound insulation glass made of two (or three) pieces of glass, using high-strength and high air tightness composite adhesive to bond the glass with the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant

argon is an inert gas. First, draw the air between the two layers of glass to form a vacuum state, and inject argon, so as to reduce internal convection and heat conduction, with good sound and heat insulation functions

the manufacturer of hollow shutter glass doors and windows tells you that the inert gas argon not only brings invisible "energy saving", but also brings some practical effects:

1. It also has a certain impact on the shading coefficient. The inert gas argon can effectively block ultraviolet rays

2. The sound insulation performance of hollow shutter glass filled with argon is 30% better than that without argon

3. Filling argon can significantly reduce the heat transfer coefficient and effectively prevent the heat absorbed by the outer glass from flowing into the room

4. Insulating glass filled with inert gas can avoid oxidation and rainbow caused by high temperature in the interior space of insulating glass in summer

5. Filling inert gas into insulating glass is the need of building energy conservation and emission reduction. Insulating glass filled with inert gas can improve energy-saving performance

one of the tricks to identify the "right body" of insulating glass is to check whether there is freezing between the glasses in winter and whether there is water vapor in spring and summer

our insulating glass has the advantages of heat preservation, energy conservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and beauty, so that your home can enjoy the sunshine without being affected by the outside world, so that you can have a safe, secure and peaceful home


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