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On March 28, Shengtian stainless steel door and aluminum alloy door officially entered Yugan County, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. This is the second store opened by President Gao. The salute at the event site was full of excitement

on March 28, stainless steel doors and aluminum alloy doors of Shengtian door industry officially entered Yugan County, Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. This is the second store opened by President Gao. The salute at the event site was full of excitement. The customers who came to visit were full of praise for the products in the store. With high popularity, more than 20 orders were received on the day of opening

president Li Shengtian cut the ribbon for the event

President Gao's store design is luxurious and grand, and the brand image has a panoramic view. The store's clothing and the store design image of Shengtian deduce the brand charm of Shengtian's high-end doors and windows with gorgeous and classic elements. The display of the model room is unique. Whether it is European, modern, retro or new Chinese style, whether it is stainless steel door, balcony sliding door, kitchen door, bedroom and other partition doors and windows supporting the whole house, you can find exclusive customized solutions here. More than 500 square meters of two-story large stores bring consumers the most comfortable shopping experience space through reasonable layout. The 15 year professional team provides customers with perfect supporting facilities and services throughout the process

real picture of Shengtian aluminum alloy door store

Shengtian door, towards the door of the world

Shengtian focuses on the design and research of high-end stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors and luxury explosion-proof doors. Since the products were put into the market, they have always won the support of consumers with high quality and the trust of consumers with high standard services; Quality wins public praise, and details create perfection. At present, Shengtian has more than 300 franchised stores nationwide, providing solutions for millions of customers

photo of Shengtian stainless steel door store

the grand opening of Jiangxi Gaozong new store, in order to give back the expectations and love of many consumers for Shengtian products, a large-scale profit making activity of "grand opening, courtesy of the whole city" was launched during the opening period

grand opening, gifts and benefits for the whole city

there is a gift for entering the store. During the opening period, the whole shopping will enjoy a 20% discount

discount. One order is over 5000 yuan, one brand electric cooker is given a

discount, two orders are over 10000 yuan, one Haier washing machine is given a

discount, three orders are over 20000 yuan, one Haier LCD TV is given a

discount, four orders are over 30000 yuan, one Haier refrigerator is given a

discount, five orders are given 50000 yuan, and one Haier variable frequency air conditioner is given





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