Introduction to key points of old house decoration

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It's OK to say that the decoration of the new house has a good foundation, and the construction operation will be carried out step by step without major mistakes; There are many problems in the decoration of old houses, such as old pattern, aging water and electricity lines, water leakage from heating, wall cracking... Many owners have no way to start with so many problems at the same time

pay attention to the protection of old things in local reconstruction

at present, the needs of old house reconstruction can be divided into two categories. One is local Renovation: mainly wall renovation, kitchen renovation and toilet renovation; The other is all reconstruction, that is, the house will be demolished into a rough house, returned to its original shape, and then rebuilt. Among them, the demolition of walls to change the pattern is an important link in the transformation of old houses

it is worth noting that the old property protection link in local reconstruction. Most owners will choose to renovate the wall when the items in their home are not moving. At this time, they should pay special attention to the old property protection. At present, most home decoration companies or building materials brands do charge protection, that is, charge according to the number of protected square meters. In addition, the process of protection will also involve the handling of furniture and what materials to use for protection. Different companies have different policies on whether to charge for handling. As for protective materials, such as gypsum board and other tighter protective materials, the charge is higher

enough water and electricity should be done to leave enough time for concealed works budget

a very thorny problem faced by the reconstruction of old houses is the reconstruction of water and electricity lines. Some old houses have a history of 20 or 30 years, and their water and electricity lines are seriously aging, even affecting normal life. In this case, how to correctly and economically transform hydropower lines is an important problem faced by owners. Feng Haiyong said that in the whole process of the reconstruction of old houses, enough water and electricity should be done to leave enough time for concealed works

experts said: "in the 1990s, all household appliances and even air-conditioning sockets belonged to the same circuit, causing excessive load and tripping." In the process of hydropower transformation, we should pay attention to discarding outdated galvanized pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes, and choose new plastic steel pipes. In addition, when the old house is decorated, it is easy to damage the original waterproof design of the building by greatly changing the laying of various lines in the bathroom or kitchen, or even modifying the wall. Therefore, be careful during construction. If the original ground is damaged, it must be waterproof again





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