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With the continuous improvement of the economic level, when you are decorating your home, the requirements for products are not only limited to price and appearance, but also for quality, health and safety. Generally speaking, the reason why well-known brands are popular is that they have quality and word-of-mouth guarantee. Today, let's learn about the top ten brand wallpapers in China

wallpaper has many advantages, such as diverse colors, rich patterns, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, appropriate price and so on, which are favored by people in home decoration. Nowadays, there are many wallpaper brands on the market. How should consumers choose? Xiaobian brings you the national top ten brand wallpapers to see if there are any brands you like

what are the top ten brands in China

1. Xinwang wallpaper

Xinwang is a brand of Shanghai Xinwang wallpaper Co., Ltd., established in 1983. The brand originated in Taiwan. In 1996, the Chinese headquarters was established in Fengxian District, Shanghai. After nearly 30 years of expansion and marketing, it has become a first-class manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region that designs and launches more than 20 new samples every year. The main products include non-woven paper, narrow width, wide width wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper, wall cloth, etc

2. Grammy wallpaper

Grammy wallpaper Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, is a pioneer in China's wallpaper industry and one of China's top ten wallpaper brands. It is the leading wallpaper enterprise with the most abundant wallpaper categories and the most guaranteed quality in China

3. Moman wallpaper

moman wallpaper is the leader of high-end wallpaper brands and one of the top ten wallpaper brands in China. The stylized design of moman wallpaper is famous in the industry for its natural, noble and fashionable brand gene culture and high environmental protection natural new materials, which are highly praised

4. ROEN Rouran wallpaper

roen Rouran is a company mainly engaged in the sales of wallpaper, fabric art and accessories. It is committed to designing diversified wallpaper and fabric products through high-grade, high-quality, green and environmental protection

5. Aishe wallpaper

aishe wallpaper Co., Ltd., located in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of 120000 square meters. It is a domestic professional wallpaper manufacturer and a domestic product strength manufacturer

Beijing Yadi wallpaper Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has a strong international financial background and is an import and export enterprise approved by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation. Wallpapers are mostly made of natural materials such as wood, cotton and hemp, and the quality standards are strict European standards.

7. Weimai Wallpapers

Guilin Weimai Wallpapers Co., Ltd., located in Guilin, where mountains and rivers are the best, is a Chinese wallpaper enterprise with nearly 30 years of wallpaper production experience, and is one of the largest wallpaper enterprises in China at present, integrating research, development, production and marketing, It has been ranked among the top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry and the market influential brands in China's wallpaper industry for three consecutive years

Magnolia Wallpapers Guangdong Magnolia decorative materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise specializing in high-tech research, development, production and marketing of wallpapers. All products are produced by environmental protection technology and water-based ink, which is truly environmental friendly wallpaper

9. Rainbow

rainbow is committed to creating a personalized home environment with equal emphasis on fashion and health for more Chinese families, leading the change of lifestyle and the improvement of life quality

10. Kexiang wallpaper

Zhejiang Kexiang wallpaper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always insisted on building “ Five hearts ” Class business philosophy. As one of the top ten brands in the wallpaper industry and a leading enterprise integrating design, R & D, manufacturing and sales, the company introduces advanced production lines from Europe to produce high-quality and high-grade green and environmental friendly wallpaper products

summary: This is the introduction of wallpaper of the top ten brands in China. I believe friends will have a more comprehensive understanding of wallpaper brands after reading it. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform





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