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Before the commencement of home decoration, the owner needs to formulate a detailed budget list first, which can not only avoid blind consumption after the commencement, but also directly control the expenditure and distribution of home decoration funds. However, after the planning and budget that the owner should do is completed, it is necessary to distinguish the budget table given by the decoration party. Because the budget given by the other party involves the capital investment in hand, how to review the budget given by the decoration company has also become a matter of concern

◆ don't be afraid of trouble in reviewing the unit price of the project. Several insiders pointed out that there is no unified quotation standard in the industry at present, and some home decoration companies only list the guide price for the decoration owner's reference. It is understood that decoration projects and quantities are the direct factors affecting the whole decoration cost; At the same time, the scale, qualification, grade and management system of decoration companies are different, and their charging standards are also different. But anyway, the budget given by the decorator should at least be clear, complete and reasonable

Ms. Wang of a community, because she didn't understand the budget given by the other party at the beginning, the cost increased by tens of thousands of yuan after the completion. According to Ms. Wang, at that time, she thought that some brand companies had high prices, so she chose a very cheap home decoration company. Because she didn't pay attention to the budget items they gave, several necessary items were added after entering the site and starting construction, which greatly exceeded the budget. So, as a layman decoration owners get the budget, how to review it? Insiders said that because most decoration owners are laymen, some owners even don't consider the grade of materials, construction technology and project quality, and blindly calculate the unit price. This way can be said that it is impossible to compare, and it is meaningless. Therefore, it is suggested that you should not be afraid of trouble, visit several decoration companies for comprehensive comparison, and review the unit price of the project after comprehensive comparison

◆ it is best to write the quantities clearly in black and white.

after the owner roughly approves the budget given by a company through comprehensive comparison, he should first review the whole home decoration project as a whole, and see whether the supporting budget setting is reasonable and whether there is duplication compared with the design scheme. After checking the overall project, the key is to review the quantities. The specific method is: check whether the quantities are consistent with the actual situation; Whether there is any intentional increase or decrease in quantities; For the quantities that cannot be accurately verified in the budget for the time being, it depends on whether it is indicated that the final settlement is based on the actual amount, etc. Of course, the simple way is to write clearly in black and white to avoid future wrangling

you must sign in writing, or some decoration companies will not admit it. Mr. Chen, who finished the decoration last year, encountered a similar situation. It is understood that at that time, the project manager of the home decoration company and Mr. Chen called each other brothers. The atmosphere was very harmonious every time they met. It didn't matter what they said to increase things was free. As a result, they were fooled when settling accounts. Some so-called private gifts are charged

◆ for the review of materials and processes, be sure to indicate

in the remarks. For the review of construction processes and materials in the budget, insiders remind you that the general construction process of the project must be indicated in the remarks of the budget, and for the main materials used, be sure to let the other party indicate the brand, specification, manufacturer, etc., and the market price of the main materials should also be indicated. The decoration owner must focus on the review of the above contents, which is also the main reference for whether the unit price of the project is reasonable. In addition, the construction management fees and taxes should also be checked clearly in the budget given by the decoration party. The general management fee is 8% to 10% of the direct cost of the project, while the home decoration industry needs to charge business tax, which is about 3.52% of the total project cost, but don't forget to ask for the invoice





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