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Promoting the sustainable development of environmental protection equipment industry

environmental protection equipment is an important industry that provides technology and equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection industry. It is one of the important contents of developing strategic emerging industries, mainly including environmental pollution control equipment, resource comprehensive utilization equipment, special instruments and meters for environmental monitoring, supporting materials and reagents for environmental pollution control, etc. Since the 11th five year plan, China's environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry has maintained an average annual growth trend of more than 20% of the total output value, formed a relatively complete product system, and has a number of mature conventional environmental protection technology and equipment, which can basically meet the domestic market demand. In recent years, the growth rate of major economic indicators of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry ranks among the top in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. In 2012, enterprises above Designated Size achieved a total industrial output value of 191.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 20%. The environmental protection equipment industry is a policy oriented industry. With the introduction and implementation of stricter energy-saving and environmental protection standards in terms of air pollutant discharge and urban sewage treatment, the addition, upgrading and transformation of existing environmental protection facilities will provide a huge market space for the development of China's environmental protection equipment industry. The environmental protection equipment industry will become one of the main growth points of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry in the next few years

II. Existing problems

(I) the overall industrial scale is small.

at present, more than 90% of China's environmental protection equipment industry are small and medium-sized private enterprises, lacking large-scale leading enterprises with core competitiveness, system integration and EPC capabilities. The overall scale of the industry is small, the degree of concentration is low, and the distribution of enterprises is relatively scattered, which has not formed a synergistic effect of agglomeration development

(II) the technical level needs to be improved

the situation that most environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises have weak technological innovation ability, insufficient R & D investment, more conventional and single products, less efficient and complete sets of equipment, and low industrial profit margin has not changed. The key common technologies of major environmental protection equipment are not fully mastered, especially the key parts and materials such as high-end monitoring instruments and meters still need to be imported, and the technical level and quality performance of the products still need to be improved

(III) the policies and systems are still imperfect

the state has gradually introduced more stringent policies, regulations and standards in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, but the supervision and restraint in the implementation process is insufficient, resulting in the current middle and low-end environmental protection equipment products occupying most of the market share and restraining the market demand for advanced technical equipment. The industrial policies formulated by the relevant national departments in the links of scientific and technological research and development, equipment manufacturing, demonstration and application are overlapping and multi headed. The relevant policies lack implementation rules, and the role of guiding the sound development of the industry is still limited

III. suggestions

(I) set up special funds to support the development of environmental protection equipment

for key areas such as air pollution prevention and water pollution control, set up special funds to support the R & D and industrialization of key technologies of environmental protection equipment, including soil remediation, groundwater remediation, PM2.5 pollution control, comprehensive waste utilization, industrial waste recycling and other technical equipment, In particular, it pays attention to improving the localization level of key parts and supporting materials, including high-end monitoring instruments, membrane materials, denitration, reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials, catalysts, etc

(II) strengthen the construction of enterprise innovation capability

in the key areas of environmental protection equipment development, relying on backbone enterprises, build a number of national enterprise technology centers, national engineering laboratories and national engineering technology centers, accelerate the training of high-level innovative talents and engineering technicians, and overcome a number of technical bottlenecks restricting industrial development. Implement demonstration projects to promote the industrial connection of new technologies and products of environmental protection equipment, which may cause damage to the equipment; The interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off and popularized

(III) promote the coordinated development of industrial chain

actively explore the development mode of the integration of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry and modern service industry. Therefore, we encourage advantageous environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises to extend the industrial chain upstream and downstream through mergers and acquisitions, so as to form a business integrating engineering design, equipment manufacturing and operation management, but it can also form a single space mode to promote environmental monitoring Environmental engineering consulting and other related services developed rapidly

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