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The promotion meeting for the delivery ceremony of 48 sets of zrt850 tire cranes in Saudi Arabia was successfully held.

the promotion meeting for the delivery ceremony of 48 sets of zrt850 tire cranes in Saudi Arabia was successfully held.

the internationalization of China's construction machinery information is a historical responsibility that Chinese enterprises must shoulder for "going global". This year, we just carried out further optimization of China's production lines. Zoomlion has implemented the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and the company's strategic guiding ideology of "parts, channels, localization and VIP", and has effectively promoted the company's overseas business in a down-to-earth manner. In the second half of 2019, Zoomlion's overseas sales returned to the main engine business unit. The market was connected with product R & D and manufacturing. The product manufacturing was more efficient and the market response was faster. The overseas product sales of cranes increased by 75% over the first half of the year

under the influence of the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, Zoomlion tire crane products have developed strongly in the Saudi market in recent years. At present, the self operated market share of Chinese products has reached more than 95%. In June this year, after nearly half a year of technical verification and commercial terms confirmation in the overseas Middle East region, the engineering crane company finally beat its competitors in the same industry to stand out, and signed an order for 48 sets of zrt850 with a total value of $15million with the largest drilling platform service provider of Saudi Aramco oilfield. This order has set a new record for the export of China's tire crane products to Saudi Arabia and even the world. Through the efforts of all departments of the company, 48 zrt850 tire cranes have successively arrived in Saudi Arabia and delivered to customers. So far, Zoomlion has delivered a total of 100 tire cranes of various models to Saudi Aramco service providers in three years. The successful delivery of more durable polymers such as thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate and nylon will also win a certain market share

under the theme of "big lifting, big future" of the engineering crane company, in order to show the brand image of Zoomlion and enhance customers' understanding of Zoomlion's tire cranes, Zoomlion and rabiah Nassar group, a local partner of Saudi Arabia, held a promotion meeting for the delivery ceremony of 48 sets of zrt850 tire cranes in Al-Khobar on December 9

this product delivery activity invited decision-makers from major local engineering contractors and lessors in Saudi Arabia, and up to 200 people were present. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Fahad, general manager of rabiah Nassar group, a Saudi tire crane partner of Zoomlion, delivered a welcome speech. Then Ms. Liu Yan, overseas business director of Zoomlion engineering crane Co., Ltd., shared the development history of Zoomlion crane with all guests and thanked the RANCO partners for their support to Zoomlion

when the power supply voltage is 28vdc, the leakage current increases rapidly. Zoomlion zrt850 is a new tire crane 4.0 product launched by the company after the truck crane 4.0 product. It has excellent performance, powerful power and flexible operation. With its powerful performance and ultra-high cost performance, zrt850 has received extensive attention from customers. Stable quality, low failure rate, local channel service guarantee, spot delivery of parts and components and other outstanding performances finally won the recognition of Aramco Latai cylindrical company

the delivery activities also attracted the participation of leaders from local Chinese customers in Saudi Arabia, such as Sinopec, PetroChina Pipeline Bureau, Sinohydro, and Zhongdi. All parties expressed strong interest in zrt850 products and put forward relevant requirements for future cooperation; Mr. liujianqiang, assistant general manager of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, also attended the delivery ceremony and took a group photo with representatives of Chinese companies

this product delivery activity was a complete success and highly affirmed by the participants. Zoomlion's overseas officers and men in the Middle East are working harder for market development with greater enthusiasm! With the support of the company's strategy, they have the ability and confidence to promote Zoomlion products to more oilfield customers in the Middle East! With high quality products and efficient services, the brand influence will continue to improve

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