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Prediction of the market prospect of the rear packaging products of food packaging

the packaging industry is a supporting industry, involving many fields of the national economy, especially the food industry and the beverage industry, which depend on the technological progress and supporting services of the packaging industry. Therefore, the development of the packaging industry and the food industry are closely linked. However, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the new requirements of various food processing products on packaging technology and packaging equipment, the competition of packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. According to incomplete statistics, automation technology has accounted for more than 50% of the packaging production line, and packaging machinery automation has become the consensus of insiders on the development of the industry

the market prospect of the rear packaging products is promising

the rear packaging line generally consists of the following packaging equipment according to the different products and requirements of the enterprise: heat shrinkable film packaging machine, carton forming machine, grab and place packing machine, pallet forming machine, pallet packaging machine, sealing machine, wrapped packing machine, full-automatic side push packing machine, semi-automatic side push packing machine, manipulator packing machine, layer by layer push stacking machine 4-way rotary stacker, manipulator stacker, etc. The rear packaging line has a wide range of applications, which can be used in food, drugs, dairy products, beverages, household chemicals, electronics and other fields. The latter packaging line can reduce the manual intervention and labor cost, and greatly improve the efficiency of the whole production line

at present, I transmit to the computer through RS232 at the same time. The productivity of packaging machinery products in the rear of our country needs to be improved, the development of supporting facilities is not sufficient, and the degree of automation is low. Ms. Yang Liu revealed that in the next few years, famaja may focus on postponing the packaging and testing equipment for its products. Famaja plans to go public in the next three years, and purchased equipment this year to build a plant. As for why famaga aims at the domestic back-end packaging product market, Ms. Yang Liu explained: back-end packaging used to be basically manual. After labeling, there will be more manual packing, packing and stacking in the back-end, but now the quality control and labor cost have been improved, and there will be fewer and fewer people engaged in this field. Therefore, automation has become a development trend of the whole industry now

to be exact, rear packaging automation is an inevitable trend, but at present, the domestic market is not saturated, especially the high-end market of rear packaging automation products. When talking about the development plan of the company in recent years, Ms. Yang Liu confirmed this point: there were many manufacturers producing the rear packaging in China, but in the impression of customers, they still belong to a medium and low-end market, and we mainly do the medium and high-end market. For foreign-funded enterprises and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, these enterprises have been on a large scale again. They need good and highly automated equipment, but they hope that the price is relatively reasonable. From the establishment of our company to the present, the purpose is to use our famaga products to replace imported equipment

the demand for testing equipment and rear packaging in the industry is definitely the development trend in the future. This year, I also went to a packaging exhibition in seldorf, Germany, with more than a dozen pavilions. From the perspective of exhibitors and equipment, we can find a trend in the development of mechanical equipment. Ms. Yang Liu made no secret of famaja's strong confidence in the domestic 2: Frame: the frame is welded by angle steel, channel steel and other profiles, and the rear packaging automation high-end market

the system integration of the rear packaging line tests the strength of the enterprise

the future development direction is to become an excellent system integrator

the main products of famaja (Guangzhou) packaging equipment Co., Ltd. are full-automatic electronic batch production line, liquid filling line, rear packaging line and identification system, but not all the equipment on the rear packaging line can be produced by itself. If customers need back-end packaging equipment, famaja can provide it by itself, but if customers need packing equipment with a high degree of automation, or heat shrinkable, These products are not produced by famaga itself, but famaga can match them according to the requirements of customers for equipment performance, or recommend equipment with high cost performance, help customers choose suppliers, and then make an automated line for customers, so that the line has a high degree of automation, good performance and smooth operation

one seat load identification of famaja: Imagination in the process of use seems to speak the heart of many domestic packaging machinery enterprises at present. At present, many domestic factories have good equipment, high cost performance and strong compatibility, but they miss business opportunities because the enterprise is not strong enough to meet the needs of customers on the whole line. How to make the best use of these good equipment is a test of the wisdom of packaging and processing machinery enterprises and downstream food enterprises. When supported by professional software, it is also a test of the strength of enterprises that want to make support for the rear packaging line

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