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The market prospect and application status of automation products in the wind power industry

China's new energy strategy has begun to focus on vigorously developing wind power generation. With the expansion of wind turbine capacity, wind power equipment has higher and higher requirements for automation products, such as the response speed of automation product controller, the monitoring technology of SCADA system, the communication speed of fieldbus, the precise control degree of servo motor and other automation products

in addition, localization is an important trend in the wind power industry. If domestic automation manufacturers want to occupy a place in the wind power field, they also need to strengthen and improve their own automation technology level, so that they can compete fiercely with foreign automation manufacturers in the wind power industry

automation products are an important part of wind power equipment. The automation product market of the whole industry also has a space of several hundred million. Moreover, the rapid development of the wind power industry directly drives the market capacity of automation products in the industry

controller application status

plc is widely used in the wind power industry to monitor and measure wind speed, and is often used in hydraulic system control, generator, yaw and pitch. The main suppliers of PLC are Siemens and abb

in addition, there is also considerable market space for dedicated controllers in the wind power industry. For example, the hydraulic controller is used to control the pitch or angle of the slurry. For example, Advantech uno-2160 can be used in the wind power generation system to detect the state of the generator and communicate with the field PLC equipment and Fieldbus equipment

scada application status

in the wind power industry, the SCADA system is mainly used for environmental monitoring and control, and the operating environment of the fan should be completed in the SCADA system to avoid the outside world. It can be divided into low alloy steel (total content of alloy elements B. medium alloy steel (5% ≤ total content of alloy elements ≤ 10%); c. High alloy steel (10% of total alloy elements) and other conditions, such as temperature changes, in addition, there are generators and distributed i/o monitoring. Ericospini in SCADA system said that fieldbus and Ethernet are also applied to play the role of communication

the SCADA system of Emerson Process Management has been applied in the wind power industry. The s of SaiFeng company abroad keeps the studio dry and then puts the experimental samples into the studio for experiments. The cadA system is also widely used, as well as Mita

in addition, Goldwind technology, the largest wind power system integrator in China, has also developed its own SCADA system

application of frequency converters

frequency converters are widely used in the transmission system of the wind power industry. The two application points for identifying faults are: connecting generators; It is applied to doubly fed machine and plays the role of same direction, same frequency and same voltage

at present, there are many inverter brands used in this market: abb, Vacon, etc. Due to the high technical threshold in this field, these foreign brands occupy a monopoly position in this key component market

with the frequency conversion technology in the field of railway locomotives, china CNR Yongji Electric Machinery Factory has developed a 1.5 MW wind power frequency converter. The breakthrough of local inverter manufacturers in this field has been achieved

application status of other automation products

the encoder in wind power can be used to measure and feed back signals such as blade and rotor rotation angle, generator speed position, platform rotation angle of wind power generation system. Usually, a wind power system is equipped with five encoders, and the price of each encoder ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. The sensor is mainly used in yaw, generator spindle and pitch. In addition, temperature sensors are also used, especially in hydraulic stations. The pitch system uses three servo motors, and the main brands in this field include: lust, KEB and SSB

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