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In September, the market review of Shengze Jiaxing and its future forecast

in September, polyester manufacturers continued to rise slightly in the first ten days of the month, driven by factors such as the strengthening of the upstream raw material market. By the middle of the year, the Federal Reserve launched qe3, and polyester factory prices rose again briefly and slightly. In the second ten days of the month, affected by the continuous decline of international crude oil prices, the polyester market began to weaken, However, downstream enterprises have less stock before the festival. It is expected that the polyester price will have a slight adjustment trend after the national day and Mid Autumn Festival holidays, and the trading volume will be expected to increase by 2017 after the middle of the year. However, one thing is certain about the polyester price in October, and the exploration space is relatively limited. Now let's review the market in September as follows:

in the first week: (September 3 to September 9), the overall quotation of polyester, a light textile raw material in Shengze and Jiaxing, has remained stable in the past week, and the prices of some popular products in POY and DTY have increased slightly, but the overall sales of FDY are weak, a small number of specifications in some factories have a downward trend, and the market is almost in a narrow range of shocks. Then the trading volume of this weekend is higher than that of the previous weekend, Especially on Sundays, the POY production and sales rate of some factories exceeded 200%. This week, the new national standard of polyester spinning manufacturers is basically based on GB8624 (2) 006. The production and sales rate of FDY is generally about 90%, and the production and sales rate of POY and DTY is 7 Appearance size: w920 x D510 x h1470mm, more than 100, but most spinning mills are unable to digest the early inventory. At present, the downstream weaving startup rate is stable and rigid demand exists, and the upstream raw material cost is still supported. Most people believe that the possibility of narrow consolidation of the overall polyester market next week is relatively large. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the prices of polyester varieties with low inventory and active sales in some enterprises will have a hard rise

in the second week: (from September 10 to September 16), stimulated by the downstream periodic position replenishment time point and the high opening trend of PTA futures at the beginning of the week, the polyester trading atmosphere was good in the first half of the week, and the polyester price was stable and rising. By Thursday, when the Federal Reserve launched qe3, the polyester market rose again during Friday and weekends. From the spinning factory, the average production and sales rate of polyester fiber this week reached%. Judging from the current downstream situation, the startup rate of jet looms in the downstream of Shengze, Jiaxing and Changxing remains stable, and the startup rate of warp knitting machines in Haining, Wujiang and other places is good. Moreover, at present, the inventory level of spinning manufacturers is low. Due to the rising PTA and EC market in the domestic market, the price of polyester chips has entered the upward channel, which is mainly used for the movement of the beam of the experimental machine. It is expected that the polyester market next week will be pushed and pulled by the cost of raw materials, Polyester prices will also have an upward trend

the third week: (September 17 to September 23), the Federal Reserve launched qe3 last week, and many spinning factories joined the ranks of price increases on September 14. On the 12th (Monday) of this week, the quotation of some factories rose inertia, and most of the polyester market quotation remained stable from Tuesday to Thursday. After 20 days, the market transaction atmosphere fell significantly, the enterprise production and sales rate also began to decline to varying degrees, and some enterprises began to show a slight decline. The production and marketing rate of polyester products in polyester factories on weekends is not ideal, which is estimated to be between%, and some spinning factories are even lower. Although the quotation of polyester factory is temporarily stable, the actual shipment transaction is relatively flexible. Due to the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday, the situation of weaving and order receiving is not optimistic. Most people believe that the polyester market will be dominated by weak market adjustment in the next step

fourth week: (September 24 to September 29), this week, international crude oil continued to fall, and polyester raw material prices fell one after another. Affected by this, the polyester market had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, with general trading volume, and the price market showed a downward trend as a whole, especially the manufacturers with strong willingness to ship FDY had increased discounts in the transaction. DTY Market volume is OK, POY market performance is average. At present, most weaving factories and texturing factories do not purchase materials before the festival, and they are not optimistic about the polyester market after the National Day holiday. It is expected to enter a smooth transition during the festival to "welcome the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the National Day"

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