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Market prospect and development trend of microcontroller

microcontroller is widely used in various small electrical appliances. With the development of technology, it is not only cheap, but also more and more powerful. Due to the market promotion of household appliances, hand-held consumer electronics, hand-held communication devices and automotive electronics, the use of microcontrollers is increasing and shows a trend of upgrading. It is expected that in the future market, low-order applications will be dominated by 8-bit microcontrollers, while high-order applications will be dominated by 32-bit microcontrollers. Of course, it is also possible to rush out a product that is more powerful than 32-bit microcontroller. If the cost can be controlled, 32-bit microcontroller will face the fate of being eliminated soon. However, according to the current situation, 32-bit microcontrollers will be active in the market for a while. Its market share will gradually rise and reach 30.27% by 2010

market prospect of microcontroller

microcontroller can be said to be the most important component in the semiconductor market. It will monopolize a large market until new alternative products appear. We found that microcontrollers seem to be more convenient to construct with our materials, and they are developed with microprocessors. Intel continues to adopt advanced processes and sophisticated computer architecture to push microprocessors to today's nanometer size. Supermicro takes advantage of the trend to launch dual core processors, and also introduces the microprocessor market for information applications into multi-core architecture. At the same time, microprocessors in the information field have also been promoted from early 8-bit processors to 16 bit processors and 32-bit processors. Now 64 bit processors have become the mainstream processors in the information field in the future; Microcontrollers also show a trend from 8-bit to 16 bit and then to 32-bit. At the same time, multi-core architecture is likely to be the next development direction of microprocessors. Low temperature tank: liquid nitrogen low temperature tank DWC series impact sample low temperature tank. Therefore, as long as it is continuously upgraded and updated to meet the market demand, the market prospect of microcontroller is bright, at least for now

in fact, microprocessor is also a kind of microcontroller, but its function is more powerful. In addition to the microprocessor market, the controller is also more and more widely used in other fields

microcontrollers are widely used in daily life. Almost all kinds of household appliances in life must use microcontrollers, such as home stereo, home appliance, washing machine, air conditioner and so on. As the field of electronic applications extends from the field of household appliances to handheld consumer devices, the application field of microcontrollers also extends from the field of household appliances to handheld consumer devices. Handheld devices include handheld communication devices and handheld consumer electronic products. Handheld communication devices include, GPS, PDA, intelligent and stock market communication devices, etc. handheld consumer electronic products include digital cameras, digital cameras, MP3 players Handheld game consoles, electronic pets and other products, in which microprocessors are used. At the same time, more electronic function designs will be introduced into the field of automotive electronics. There are many opportunities to use Microcontrollers in the field of automotive applications, such as airbags, intelligent seat belts, tire pressure monitoring, on-board entertainment systems, engine control, brake anti lock systems, on-board networking systems, in car (outside) monitoring devices and vehicle navigation systems. A vehicle needs to use dozens of microcontrollers, which will be one of the most potential markets in the future

the development trend of microcontrollers

I. the market share of 32-bit microcontrollers will grow rapidly

the research data of in stat, a market research institution, shows that the global microcontroller market size was US $12.2 billion in 2004, and the market size is quite large. However, due to the low price of microcontrollers, and it is easy to reduce the sales unit price with the progress of process technology, it is expected that by 2009, The global microcontroller market will continue to grow at a slow growth rate of 4.43%, and the global microcontroller market will be $12.12 billion at that time

on the other hand, if we look at the sales number of different microcontrollers, we can find several trends (Figure 2). First, 8-bit microcontrollers have long occupied the main share of the microcontroller market, and began to waver slightly after 2007. In the past, the number of shipments of 8-bit microcontrollers accounted for more than 70% to 80% of the total microcontroller shipments. Since 2007, the leading position of 8-bit microcontrollers has gradually declined, and its proportion in the overall microcontroller market will decline to less than 70% after 2010

second, we can observe that in the application of non-8-bit Microcontrollers in the field of high-order microcontrollers, the trend of 32-bit microcontrollers continuously replacing 16 bit microcontrollers is quite obvious. 32-bit microcontrollers surpassed 16 bit microcontrollers for the first time in 2006, and their market share remained the second. At the same time, their shipment number will continue to rise. By 2010, 32-bit microcontrollers will have the opportunity to reach 32.62% market share, It has become another important application field of microcontroller

the gradual rise of 32-bit microcontrollers is mainly due to the need for more and more powerful functions in various household appliances and consumer electronic products, and more complex audio-visual applications, intelligent judgment and control fields also need more powerful processors. Therefore, it is a certain trend that 32-bit microcontrollers will gradually replace the current 16 bit microcontrollers

(I) high integration

due to the high performance of 32-bit microcontroller, it must have more powerful peripheral processing functions and diverse application interfaces. Therefore, the integration of 32-bit microcontroller is higher than that of previous microcontrollers with low bit number. Generally speaking, most 32-bit microcontrollers will be equipped with analog/digital converters, digital/analog converters, built-in NAND flash memory (at least 512KB), built-in ROM (at least 32KB), specific communication interfaces (to achieve the ability to communicate with peripheral devices such as USB or Ethernet that make up for the gap in domestic SEBS production), and DRAM control interfaces. In addition, more mixed signal components previously placed outside the microcontroller are gradually added to the microcontroller, such as comparators, amplifiers, filters and internal oscillators

(II) design for special applications

in order to meet different applications, some personalized designs must be made for 32-bit microcontrollers to meet special purposes

in the field of household appliances, the application of 32-bit microcontrollers has increased rapidly, which is related to the increasingly specific concept of digital home in recent years. For household appliance applications in different fields, appropriately increasing the corresponding functional design will help 32-bit microcontrollers improve their performance price ratio

in the field of industrial computer, network communication function is added. For example, innovasic company, which specializes in industrial computer applications, in order to cope with the increasing industrial computer network applications, provides tcp/ip software stack in its newly launched 32-bit microcontroller fido1100 series, so that this type of microcontroller can communicate with other devices through network protocol. At the same time, this type of microcontroller puts forward the so-called Fido architecture (flexibleinputdeterministicoutput; elastic input, specified output) to improve the processing efficiency of the CISC architecture microcontroller. Its method is to increase the program cache memory, which can easily store the program code that must be executed frequently, so as to improve the execution efficiency of the whole microcontroller

(III) combined with some DSP functions

because the function of 32-bit microcontroller is much stronger than that of 8-bit microcontroller, 32-bit microcontroller began to have the ability to design special lines for digital signal processing (DSP). Digital signal processing usually includes quite a lot of convolution operations, matrix operations, etc, It is used to provide intellectual support for accelerating the development of new material industry. Laplace operation or Fourier transform in mathematics is widely used in various multimedia applications such as sound, picture, image, etc. if this part of the operation is to be realized by special hardware, it is a series of multipliers and barrel shifters, At present, higher-order microcontrollers will build a dedicated digital signal processing calculation circuit to accelerate the ability of digital signal processing

(IV) continuing software design

for system manufacturers, the overall development cost in the relevant part of the microcontroller includes two categories: the hardware cost of the microcontroller and the surrounding hardware, and the software cost of matching with the microcontroller. Most of the traditional 8-bit microcontrollers are 8051 architecture, and the matching development tools are also designed for the 8051 architecture. The development system familiar to relevant software developers is the 8-bit microcontroller of 8051 architecture, In the field of 32-bit microcontroller application, the labor and time cost of software development is rising rapidly. At the same time, how to transfer the developed products originally developed by the manufacturer in the field of 8-bit microcontroller to the 32-bit microcontroller platform is also an important development topic for 32-bit microcontroller manufacturers. In response to this phenomenon, microcontroller manufacturers have developed convenient and applicable software development interfaces for 32-bit microcontrollers

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