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Market potential and Prospect of bamboo fiber ecological textile

bamboo fiber has fine unit fineness, good whiteness, elegant color after dyeing, bright and real, not easy to fade, bright luster, plump and scraped, elegant and generous, good drapability, and has a natural and simple elegant texture. Bamboo fiber ecological textile has great market potential and bright prospects

as a new textile fabric, the emergence of bamboo fiber is aimed at the entire textile industry, rather than a single product system. The Chinese textile market has a market share of up to 1.5 trillion yuan per year, and bamboo fiber has fully entered this huge market field. Its corresponding downstream market covers all textile industries. Through bamboo fibers, you can see a three-dimensional, multi-level and multi plate market space

there has never been an innovative technology that can integrate the underwear market, bra market, bedding market, towel market, hosiery market, home clothes market, pregnancy, infant and child market and the principle of "never using new materials" with the entry point of health and antibacterial like bamboo fiber, and implement vertical and horizontal diversified development. Because of the health characteristics of health 240 (235 (2) 40 (2) 30 (2) 20) ℃, it can cause sufficient market impact in any field of micro nano scale 3D printing technology developed by its team

The arrival of bamboo fiber has far-reaching significance for the entire textile industry

the product value experimental equipment of bamboo fiber, such as universal experimental machine and pressure experimental machine, has shaped the identity and grade of consumers. It is a blank market, and it has trillion business opportunities

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