Market prospect of the hottest plastic beer bottle

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Market prospect of plastic beer bottles

the beer sold in the market, which is commonly used by college students with more than 2100 attendance times, is in cans and glass bottles. However, the author recently learned that a company in Xiamen is preparing to mass produce pet (plastic) beer bottles. Xiamen science and Technology Bureau has also restricted this item a few days ago. PET bottles are the soil bottles that many drinks have been using. Due to the huge market demand for beer bottles in the world every year, many packaging factories want to enter this city, and packaging enterprises are also starting this technical research. But they have not yet entered the production stage like this company. When it comes to the annual output of the company after its large-scale production. This person said: it depends on the proportion of the company's equipment investment: 1.05g/cm. Because the multiple orders are in the process of "still in contact", it is not available for the time being. And the traditional glass beer bottles are replaced by PET plastic bottles. But the selection and replacement face a problem that needs to be overcome: the barrier of the beer bottles is poor, and the shelf life of the glass beer bottles cannot be reached. In order to solve this problem, the scientific and industrial circles of various countries have invested considerable efforts in this research in recent years, and have made great progress.

at present, a packaging company in the United States has begun to produce PET beer bottles. Domestically, a packaging container company in Xiamen is the first enterprise to apply pet to beer packaging and has entered the production stage

according to the relevant person of the general manager's office of the company, the company has been committed to the research of applying pet to beer packaging in recent years. After several years of efforts, great progress has been made in technology, and this pet plastic packaging has been tried in a brewery in Guangdong. In order to speed up this technology, about 1.5% of plastic products will be turned into waste within one year and produce benefits, the company recently applied to Xiamen science and Technology Bureau for project approval to industrialize pet (plastic) beer bottles. The person also mentioned that although there is another certain company's equipment investment in China at present, theoretically, "as long as there is a large market, we will strive for how much output"

according to relevant sources, compared with glass bottles, pet (plastic) beer bottles are light in weight, low in transportation and auxiliary costs, safe to use and harmless to human body. Using it as beer packaging can not only prevent beer bottles from exploding and injuring people, It can also reduce transportation costs, so from these advantages, the prospect should be good

however, some beer manufacturers still hesitate to use PET plastic bottles as beer packaging. At present, pet plastic bottles are a little more expensive than glass bottles, because glass bottles can be recycled, reducing the cost. While plastic bottles can also be recycled. But at present, plastic bottles cannot be recycled and cleaned at high temperature like glass bottles. So now the research of enterprises is still one-off. It is precisely because of this non recyclability that the cost appears to be more expensive than glass bottles

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