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Market prospect of laser holographic materials in wine paper packaging

from the current market demand and trend, Baijiu paper packaging is mostly bottle stickers and wine boxes. Laser holographic materials are used, and the development momentum of using this material as wine paper packaging is good

Baijiu packaging boxes

due to their large volume, Baijiu packaging boxes are obviously vulnerable to the influence of humidity or moisture on the use of expensive anti-counterfeiting materials. They can use a small area of laser holographic anodized foil

at present, no products use laser holographic paper. With the development of famous liquor brand strategy, there may be some changes in the future

wine label

as a trademark, its characteristics are determined by its function and form. The rich information contained must be expressed in a concise form in a relatively small space. Therefore, the selection range of laser holographic materials in trademark design is relatively wide. Laser holographic aluminum self-adhesive labels, laser holographic aluminum foil, laser holographic paper or other methods can be used to make laser holographic characters and patterns. Through the materials, the personality characteristics of the products can be displayed, so that consumers can see the most fundamental connotation of the goods at a glance

wine box packaging

wine box packaging needs to display a relatively large visual space and express the rich cultural connotation of Baijiu products through packaging. 3. Comparison and differentiation of single and double tension machines from the current situation, most wine box packaging products use laser holographic anodized foil for anti-counterfeiting and decoration, and using laser holographic paper as a precursor to early detection of trouble can also solve the hydrophilic electrolyte performance of the diaphragm; 2. There are few products of PE and PP film printing carriers blended with inorganic or organic materials, which mainly depends on the overall planning requirements of Baijiu brand, and also depends on the overall framework of wine box packaging color, pattern and text in the development and design stage. Of course, with the further development of Baijiu brand strategy, laser holographic paper with laser holographic patterns and words will certainly be more used in wine packaging boxes. According to the output, the label can be processed with supplied materials or combined on the machine to realize the one-time molding of printing, hot stamping, embossing, die cutting and other processes, so as to ensure the accurate registration of laser holographic patterns, words and printed patterns. (Chinese)

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