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The peak load shifting and production limiting in the heating season started, and the steel price was short-term or continued to be strong

November 15 was the day when the peak load shifting and production limiting in the heating season was officially launched in "2+26" cities in northern China. Despite expectations, steel prices rose on the same day. Analysts of black industry chain believe that the upward probability of steel price shock in the fourth quarter is too high

according to the monitoring data, the spot price of steel billets in Tangshan collectively rose by 50 yuan/ton in the afternoon on the 14th, breaking the highest point in the year at one fell swoop. Relevant analysts believe that due to the official production restriction on the 15th, it is expected that under the attention of many parties, the production restriction will be strictly implemented, which is difficult to discount, and the steel price may continue to be strong in the short term

Li Chao, a steel analyst, said that the official start of peak staggering production was one of the main reasons for the rise in spot steel on the same day. In addition, the downstream real estate data performed well. These factors all support the steel price

although Jinan Shidai Experimental Machine Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you to load to a certain load after the high-level rise of the profile steel market in the short term, the market mentality is differentiated, but Li Chao predicts that the price of profile steel will continue to be strong and volatile in the short term

chief researcher and director of the steel PMI research center of the China IOT steel logistics special committee Qiu fault 3: the results of the tensile machine test are inaccurate: Yue Cheng said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News that the scope of peak staggering and production restriction has already exceeded "2+26" cities. Compared with the winter shutdown, which affects consumption, peak staggering and production restriction has a greater impact on the supply side. In addition, the current steel inventory is not high, and the steel price is still bullish in the fourth quarter

from the perspective of futures market, rebar futures continued to rise on the 14th, and rb1801 contract closed at 3946 yuan/ton, up 86 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous day. Some futures analysts believe that the rising spot price of billets and the firm ex factory price of steel mills have boosted the confidence of the market, and the futures price is still in a rebound trend as a whole

Zhongtai securities Steel Research Report believes that after the release of the production restriction news, the price of thread futures is usually sensitive and the increase is higher than that of spot. In the past few years, the bear market in the industry has increased the industrial concentration, making the supply curve more steep, and the impact of environmental protection and production restriction on the industry has also been amplified

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