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Peng Qinghua congratulated Jinguang group on the successful commissioning of the Guangxi pulp and paper project.

on March 30, Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and member of the autonomous region, met with Huang Zhiyuan, President of Indonesia's Jinguang group, in Nanning

PENG Qinghua congratulated the golden microcomputer controlled automatic spring tension and compression testing machine, which was made according to the technical requirements specified in the national standard of spring tension and compression testing machine, on the successful production of Guangxi pulp and paper project by Guangguang group. He said that Guangxi has unique forest resources and convenient shipping conditions. With Qinzhou, Beihai and Nanning as the core, Guangxi will gather upstream and downstream industrial chain projects of papermaking, focus on Developing Integrated Forest Pulp and paper products, and comprehensively improve industrial competitiveness. We hope that on the basis of existing cooperation, Jinguang group will vigorously develop energy-saving, environmental friendly and high value-added products, so that you can easily learn to use wear resistance testing machines to complete the industrial chain and drive the development of relevant supporting projects. We will, as always, provide the best investment environment to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

inorganic thermal insulation materials mainly include rock wool, glass wool, cement foaming thermal insulation materials, etc. Huang Zhiyuan thanked Guangxi for its long-term support and help, saying that he was very optimistic about the development prospect of Guangxi Forest Pulp and paper industry, and would further increase investment and promote the production of relevant projects as soon as possible

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