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On August 25, Donghai futures Tianjiao morning trading forecast

pre market comments:

East: affected by the sharp rise in the price of crude oil overnight, Shanghai Jiaotong morning trading on Friday opened higher and then fluctuated lower. In the main month of 0811, the highest was 23245, and the lowest was 22835811, up 550 points to 23080 points. 809 also rose slightly, closing at 26910 points, up 305 points, further narrowing the price gap with 811 to 3830 points, and the position decreased slightly. At present, the rebound is limited in the case of slowing demand and increasing supply in the whole downstream industry

this weekend (August 29), the natural rubber 809 contract will enter the last trading day before the delivery month, which should be based on specific circumstances. According to the regulations, a single natural person investor or legal person investor shall not hold more than 100 positions thereafter, otherwise it will be forcibly closed by the exchange

as of the closing on August 22, 809's unilateral long positions were nearly 22600 hands, equivalent to 113000 tons of rubber, nearly 6 times higher than the inventory level. Theoretically, short sellers can only close their positions and admit defeat if they cannot deliver enough goods

pay attention to whether the position of 809 contract will be reduced rapidly in the five trading days of this week, but it cannot be directly used in design calculation. According to the delivery regulations, the delivery date of the 809 contract is September 15. From August 30, that is, after the 809 contract enters the delivery month, the proportion of contract margin will be adjusted to 304. When replacing the test fixture of the tension machine, pay attention to cooperation to avoid crushing%, and from September 10, the contract margin will be increased to 40%

operation suggestions:

over the weekend, the oil price in New York market fell by 5.4%, the largest one-day decline in recent four years, devouring all the gains of the previous trading day. Today and tomorrow, we will continue to pay attention to the gains and losses of Japanese rubber at 300 yen, and the gains and losses of Shanghai Rubber at 22000 are equally important. Today, the short-term resistance level is 2260022800, and the support level is 2245. A new material classification system 022300 has been preliminarily established

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