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Analysis of all aspects of packaging machinery automation

in terms of survival automation, for the packaging machinery industry, if you want to be more perfect, and can shorten the material injection cycle and reduce the energy consumption by 10% - 30% in the processing stage, you should start from the aspects of flexible production, safety detection technology, manufacturing execution system, motion control technology. Flexible production can make product packaging more flexible; Safety detection technology can strengthen the stability of mechanical survival, and this detection field should be gradually expanded; The field of manufacturing execution system needs to be improved and the bottleneck needs to be broken; In order to upgrade the filling machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, packaging machine, coding machine and other products in packaging machinery in all aspects, it is necessary to start with motion control technology, which is the key. The following is the analysis of all aspects of packaging machinery automation

in terms of safety detection technology, its vein is developing and expanding. In detail, the accuracy of batching is completed by machinery. Whether it is operating equipment or others, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of batching, and the strength of professional technical personnel team is high. It is also necessary to be able to trace the batching variety, operator, equipment number, production time and other information. These all need to achieve product safety detection through temperature and humidity or weighing sensors

in production and use, packaging machinery manufacturers solve the problems encountered in the connection of product interfaces, the transmission mode between equipment and industrial computers, and information and equipment through the manufacturing execution system. At the same time, it can also make the management layer easily understand the actual and immediate situation of packaging machinery production, access and analyze operation data, and understand the operation of the workshop. However, this technology is not very perfect, the implementation effect is not very good, and future research and development is needed

each production line of the enterprise is continuous and uninterrupted, so it has high requirements for torque, speed, accuracy and dynamic performance. The function of motion control products and slowly opening the oil delivery valve technology in packaging machinery is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization. It is applied to transportation, loading and unloading, destacking, marking, packaging and other processes, which is to make sealing machine, packaging machine, coding machine The key to upgrading packaging machinery products such as capping machine lies in the perfect combination of product performance and process performance

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