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Wicc technology leader's "peak theory" on the development and future challenges of the Internet communication cloud

on November 30, 2019, the global Internet communication cloud Conference (wicc) came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. The leader of the Internet communication cloud industry, rongyun, as the host, invited the technology leaders of famous companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, to discuss how the communication cloud technology supports the peak of new applications and new scenes of the Internet communication cloud in the 5g era. Nearly 1000 developers on the conference site and tens of thousands of developers on the off-site live broadcast platform listened closely to the wisdom sharing of the technology leaders

at the meeting, the organizer also specially set up a peak dialogue session, with livevideostack co-founder and general contractor research as the host, Zhang Mingzhong, an expert of Beijing IOT Intelligent Technology Application Association, Yang pan, co-founder and CTO of rongyun, and Han Yidong, former director of twilio Asia Pacific solution architecture, invited to attend. Three experts from different fields and with different professional backgrounds elaborated their views on the current situation, future and challenges of the communication cloud from different perspectives such as the macro pattern, domestic development and global layout. They collided with diversified views on trend prediction and industrial development, bringing new thinking and Enlightenment to developers

wicc peak dialogue industry bigwigs express their opinions on the same stage

peak argumentation1: the popularity of the concept and services of the Internet communication cloud

the so-called Internet communication cloud is simply the communication capability based on IP. Before the popularity of cloud computing, communication and cloud were separated. With the widespread adoption of cloud computing technology and the arrival of mobile Internet, people's communication needs are increasingly changing from traditional SMS and voice to Internet. The concept of Internet communication cloud, which provides underlying communication capabilities, is also gradually popularized

zhangmingzhong believes that the IP communication capability provided by the cloud computing technology concept and service mode enables us to always put ourselves in the communication market for the sake of customers. These have become technical barriers with larger boundaries, which also meets the needs of the current era. The communication under 5g is the interconnection of all things, which has evolved from the previous communication between people to the communication between people and things, things and things. The popularity of Internet communication cloud technology and services will play a key role in the social change brought by 5g, making the communication industry borderless

as a technical expert in the field of communication cloud, Yang pan, CTO of rongyun, also deeply understands this. He admitted that large-scale and highly concurrent scenes under 5g can be seen everywhere. IDC predicts that by 2023, the number of IOT terminals in the world will reach 35.2 billion, and the amount of data generated by massive connections will reach 175zb. The connection between these objects is no longer a simple text, but may be an audio and video connection of various application scenarios that cannot be imagined. As for rongyun, since its establishment in 2014, it has continuously provided developers with more convenient and open API interfaces for five years, making it easier for developers to call and integrate rongyun SDK in various application scenarios. Developers also increasingly understand the communication capabilities provided by instant messaging manufacturers such as rongyun, and rely on their services to realize their value. At present, rongyun has provided instant messaging and real-time audio and video services for more than 300000 apps

as the former Asia Pacific Solution Architecture director of twilio, Han Yidong shared his feelings about the global communication cloud market. Twilio is the first manufacturer in the world to put forward the concept of communication cloud. It is almost on its own to define the PAAS service manufacturer of communication cloud concept from the service mode. He said that four or five years ago, the majority of developers were still confused about the concept of API and SDK, and they knew very little about manufacturers capable of providing communication cloud services. But today, in the Chinese market, there are more than 20 high-level communication cloud service manufacturers in benign competition, promoting the rapid development of this field, and some manufacturers like rongyun follow their customers to the sea, serve the global market, and embrace the world more open

peak argumentation2: the Internet communication cloud will be more focused and open in the future.

Zhang Mingzhong said from the national policy analysis that 3G is a breakthrough, 4G is synchronization, and 5g is to achieve comprehensive leadership. 4G has made essential changes in people's lives, while 5g+ industrial IOT is to change the social outlook from the supply side. However, the improvement of 5g communication performance does not rely on a single technology, but is achieved by the cooperation of a variety of key technologies, which inevitably requires Internet communication cloud manufacturers to be more open and cooperative. At the same time, he believes that although 5g brings a broad space for the development of communication cloud, it may not be that all cloud service providers have opportunities, and even large and comprehensive may not be the competitive advantage of enterprises. Only more specialization, technical advantages, market advantages and developer service advantages are the biggest competitive advantages of cloud service providers

Yang Pan's view coincides with that of zhangmingzhong. He said that from the perspective of his own enterprise development path, rongyun is a PAAS service provider that focuses on providing internet communication cloud capabilities to the majority of developers. The extension of enterprise development is also a scenario solution centered on communication capabilities. Rongyun has been focusing on the accumulation of capabilities. Since the release of the first SDK version, the number of interfaces has increased from 279 to 597, and the number of API interfaces on the service side has increased from 36 to 107. In addition to meeting the product functions, rongyun also focuses on the pursuit of improving the international influence of China's plastic machine industry. For example, the message receiving speed has been increased by 30 times, the startup speed has been increased by 5 times, and the energy consumption of intelligent devices has been optimized by 3 times

Yang pan believes that these are the accumulation of functions in the early stage. If you want to deepen it to a certain extent, you must do scenarioization, be closer to user needs, and do a thorough job of the scene. In terms of scenario, it is also bound to face the continuous improvement of the three basic levels of communication quality, development convenience and functional complexity, which are also the problems and challenges faced by rongyun at present. Future development still needs to iterate in these aspects

Han Yidong is very envious of the arrival of 5g in China. He said that the popularity and development of 5g in any country in the world are far less than that in China, so the Internet communication cloud company should be full of confidence and look at the global market with the experience of 5g in China. The practical accumulation of communication cloud technology in the Chinese market will inevitably help it realize its dream of serving global companies. Being more open should be an important direction in the future

peak argument 3: differences and challenges in the future layout of the global market of the Internet communication cloud

for the first time, the views of the three guests differed on whether the Internet communication cloud should layout the global market in the future and the challenges it faces. Zhangmingzhong believes that the feelings at home and abroad are different, and the sea may not be smooth. After 5g is commercially available in China, the superposition effect of 5g and various vertical industries has provided huge dividends for all fields of the industry, and there will be more opportunities in the domestic market. Instead of rushing out to sea, it's better to focus on the domestic market and practice your internal skills in a down-to-earth manner

Yang Pan said that at this stage, rongyun is still going to sea with the vast number of Chinese enterprises going to sea. These enterprises believe that the domestic market dividends have retreated, and the fierce market competition has led to the inability of many excellent enterprises to survive. However, copying the very advanced and mature products and commercial forms in China directly to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and other places has become a profitable business. With these enterprises, where they go, rongyun will build its business and serve Chinese overseas enterprises, which is a main direction of rongyun at present

Yang pan, co-founder and CTO of rongyun, talked about the future of Internet communication cloud.

rongyun didn't want to be a global company in the early days, but with customer needs and business expansion, rongyun made strategic adjustments, and the globalization of future layout is a necessary and necessary direction. The challenge of global market layout comes from many aspects. Language, culture, data compliance and so on are all tests, and the core test is the quality of global links. Stability, reliability and security are the foundation of rongyun's foothold in the global market. To this end, rongyun has established three major data centers, more than 3000 dynamic acceleration nodes, and self built dedicated lines and private communication protocols to ensure the stability and reliability of transnational and cross regional communication

Han Yidong also provided some experience from twilio's global layout. In the future, the ownership and compliance of communication data should become a major challenge for the majority of overseas enterprises. In addition, it is better for global companies to be localized, or the team is composed of people with diverse backgrounds. For example, he said that a project team of American companies is often composed of people from more than 20 different countries. In this way, at the beginning of product modeling, global and universal issues will be considered, and the products or functions produced can often better adapt to the situation of all regions in the world

in a round table conversation, three industry leaders talked about the present, future and challenges faced in the development of the Internet communication cloud, and let developers see that the concept of communication cloud has experienced rapid growth from scratch, and then to the support of 5g new scenarios and new applications, and it will also have an important impact on the future development of the industry, This makes the cost is also a very important consideration. Developers should more carefully understand the technology path and development layout of Internet communication cloud manufacturers such as rongyun. Rongyun also looks forward to being an industry leader who can inspire and lead developers to make 5g change the society through Internet communication cloud services

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