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Transformation and upgrading of Chinese Enterprises: China has entered the robot era

under the favorable reform and opening-up policy, China once became a manufacturing power relying on demographic dividends. But now, as the factory of the world, the cost of land, labor and other factors in China is rising rapidly, while developing countries such as India and Vietnam are becoming new targets of industrial transfer with the low-cost advantage of labor and land. At the same time, developed countries in Europe and the United States have resumed manufacturing, and suppressed China from many aspects, such as technical spring fatigue testing machine, which is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of air springs and shock absorbing spring products used in various automobiles and motorcycles, and trade. These factors have made the development of China's manufacturing industry face great difficulties. Challenges and opportunities coexist. The rapid development of science and technology in China provides another opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, that is, robot applications that can significantly improve efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs

on September 9, under the control of Yang Hongji, director of the organ transplantation center, the first Da Vinci surgical robot system in Sichuan Province successfully completed its first surgical cholecystectomy. Yang Hongji said that this robot system can break through the limitations of the human eye, expand the surgical field of vision by 15 times, and the manipulator can operate flexibly in a 360 degree space

the robot system can help micromation. In the past, blood vessels or slender structures that we couldn't see with the naked eye can be clearly seen by Da Vinci robots

on the same day, Da Vinci surgical robot completed cholecystectomy and nonfunctional nephrectomy, of which cholecystectomy took only 30 minutes. According to reports, the robot system requires only one surgeon to operate during surgery. Yang Hongji said: in the past, we needed four doctors to do an open surgery. One advantage of robots is that one doctor can operate resection surgery in complex situations. It is unrealistic to replace all surgeries with robots in the near future, but robots will certainly continue to develop and improve

generally speaking, it can be called a robot with the three abilities of perceiving the external environment, judging information, and performing actions. It can not only accept human commands, but also run pre arranged programs. Its task is to assist or replace human work. At present, it is widely used in the production industry, construction industry, electronics and other industries

Shenzhen rapoo Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing computer external equipment, and its product sales network covers Europe, America and other parts of the world. On the production line of the factory, robots are working with workers

I feel that the robot is very fast. In the future, it will certainly do many things instead of people

in the production area of wireless mouse receiver, there are two robots working constantly. With the appointment of the other three robots in the near future, more than 30 workers in the production area will be robbed of their jobs. Deng Qiuwei, director of rapoo technology manufacturing center, said: we are debugging the back-end assembly. After debugging, the operators there will not exist in the future

in the mouse production area, the number of robot production lines has increased from the original two to eight. Finally, robots will replace pure human production lines, and each production line will also be reduced from eight to only oneortwo people. In the keyboard production area, it used to take 110 people to work continuously to complete the same output. After installing the robot, it only took five workers to complete it

although robots can significantly reduce labor costs, it is not easy to build a robot based production system, because the products produced by various enterprises are different, so the design will be very different. In order to make robots work better, rapoo technology has set up a special research and development team to carefully study product design, mold design, production process, and even how to grab parts. Deng Qiuwei said that after replacing 2000 jobs with robots, enterprises can save 60 million yuan in labor costs every year, and their profitability is far ahead of other enterprises

the more we look back, the higher the labor cost, the more our competitive advantage will be reflected. When our competitive advantage is far away from them, the situation of the whole industry will be completely different

also in Guangdong Province, in the burning production line of Huizhou Daya Bay Guanghong Technology Co., Ltd., two burning robots are working constantly. With the help of robots, the previous work of eight people is replaced by one person. As the person in charge of the introduction of robots, Huang Fuxin, Minister of Guanghong science and technology innovation promotion department, was very satisfied with the three screwing robots

in the past, it took us one minute to complete a work by hand. Now the robot takes 40 seconds, and all the torque is guaranteed, and we won't forget to hit (nails)

the three robots cost a total of 180000 yuan, but it can work as much as six workers. For enterprises, the purchase cost can be recovered in less than a year. If calculated according to the three-year service life, it can save fourorfive million yuan. Huang Fuxin said: robots are always skilled workers and do not need training, which is the biggest advantage. New workers are not familiar with them. Robots are always familiar with them and are always the best

Foxconn Technology Group is the largest labor-intensive enterprise in China. It is also a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of pre use inspection points and maintenance of plastic tensile testing machines for computers, communications, consumer electronics, digital content, etc. apple, the world's best-selling apple, is OEM. In 2011, Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou announced that he would invest millions of robots in the production line. Ge Huanqing, general manager of Shenzhen Fushi Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., said: every project has robots. For example, the production of iPhone has almost realized robots

Fuchs has long been committed to the R & D and application of industrial robots, and has a close cooperative relationship with Foxconn. Ge Huanqing believes that at present, most Chinese enterprises do not understand robots, so the market is still at the critical point before the outbreak. He said: I went to Suzhou to see some enterprises. In fact, many links can realize automatic assembly or production through robots, but many enterprises do not have enough understanding of the application of robots

according to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, in the first half of this year, the output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as intelligent manufacturing, high-end rail transit and ocean engineering accounted for more than 10% of the equipment manufacturing industry, among which the intelligent manufacturing industry dominated by robots was widely concerned

August and September are the intensive period for the issuance of semi annual reports of Chinese listed companies. It can be found from the semi annual reports of many listed companies of robot concept stocks that these stocks were almost popular in the first half of the year. Take the robot of listed enterprises as an example. In the first half of 2014, the enterprise profit was 0.2 yuan per share, an increase of more than 30% over the same period last year; From its annual report in the past five years, we can see that its earnings per share also increased year by year. In this regard, Zheng Liansheng, an associate researcher at the Institute of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: there are stocks such as robots and Qinchuan development, which do have a relatively high performance increase. There is a shortage of skilled labor in China, and the labor cost is relatively high. Therefore, it is a trend for labor to be replaced by machines at present

Zheng Liansheng believes that with the arrival of China's aging society, although the performance last year is also commendable, the robot market in the future has unlimited prospects. According to the data, in 2013, China purchased and assembled nearly 370 million industrial robots, with a total sales volume exceeding that of Japan, becoming the world's largest industrial robot market, including more than 9000 domestic robots, with the output three times that of 2012. Zhou chaosen, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou robot industry alliance, said: according to the statistics of industrial robots last year, the market is about more than 10 billion, showing a steady growth trend. Judging from the statistics of 2008, the average annual growth rate is more than 30%

with the improvement of technology, the advantages of robots such as low cost, high work quality, high accuracy, energy conservation and emission reduction will become more and more obvious. However, according to Zhang Gang, chief strategist of Southwest China Securities, the booming robot market does not mean that China's robot manufacturing enterprises can go hand in hand

at present, in terms of effectively improving the friction life and fatigue life of mechanical mechanisms, the market demand is very huge, but domestic (robot production) enterprises generally do not master the key core technology. Therefore, I am afraid that opportunities and challenges will coexist in the future

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