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The proposed "peak shifting" operation of road machinery cleaning

the draft of Beijing local standards "requirements for environmental sanitation quality of streets and Alleys", "requirements for cleaning quality and operation of urban roads" and "requirements for cleaning quality and operation of rural neighborhood roads" organized and formulated by the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Committee is being publicly solicited for comments on the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau station. Road machinery cleaning has a "peak shifting" time, The residual amount of dust in streets and lanes will be calculated in grams

road machinery cleaning does not work in the morning and evening rush hours

in the draft of the local standard of "urban road cleaning and cleaning quality and operation requirements", Beijing Youth Daily noted that the time of road machinery cleaning has made clear requirements. For example, mechanical road cleaning is required to be completed before 6:00 a.m. every day. The operation of class I and class II roads shall not be less than once a day, and the speed shall be ≤ 8km/h. When sweeping, the fatigue testing machine is expensive. The sweeping brush should be in contact with the ground, and there should be spray dust suppression; Road machinery cleaning requires operations beyond 7:00-10:00 and 16:00-20:00 every day from April 1 to October 31 every year; Road Mechanical scouring requires that the operation be completed before 5:00 every day from April 1 to October 31 every year

Mechanical watering is required due to its operation characteristics, and the time is specified as 9:00-17:00 from April 1 to October 31 every year. However, it is required that prompt tones should be played during operation to minimize the impact on citizens

for the removal of small advertisements on urban roads, it is required to carry out all day operations, especially in busy commercial blocks, transportation hubs, tourist attractions, heavily polluted areas, etc., which should be removed once in two hours; Other road sections shall be cleared once in 12 hours

the time has been stipulated, and the cleaning quality also has requirements. The standard stipulates that there should be no more than two cigarette butts, paper scraps, melon and fruit peels and stones, sputum stains, etc. per 100 square meters of urban roads; Bricks, stones and other sundries should not exceed 1 place per 100 square meters

the residual amount of road dust is calculated in grams

at present, the city is making great efforts to control the back streets and alleys. The local standard of "environmental sanitation quality requirements for streets and Alleys" also requires the sanitation of roads, ditches, green spaces, public places of activity, front areas, garbage collection stations and public toilets in streets and alleys

cleaning is divided into three levels according to the types of streets and lanes. The streets and alleys around important party and government organs and foreign affairs institutions and around important commercial, cultural, educational, health, sports, transportation stations, tourist attractions and other public places are divided into grade I; The streets and alleys around general public places and enterprises and institutions are divided into two levels; Other streets and alleys are of grade III. The cleaning quality requirements shall be that the road surface shall be free of obvious floating soil, ponding, ice, dirt and sludge; No waste stacking, no large waste and no main construction waste; The rainwater inlet shall be free of dirt and ice. For streets and alleys with certain technical conditions, the residual dust on the road surface is required to be no more than 10 g/m2 for first-class streets and alleys and no more than 15 g/m2 for second-class streets and alleys

for public toilets, for the first time, my product only needs 5kn tension, and the requirement of barrier free access is added. The barrier free access should be functional and normal, and the ground should be clean and tidy. There should be no ash, water, ice such as impact, waste, etc., and sundries should not be stacked

rural roads should not accumulate garbage

in addition, in the local standard of "rural neighborhood road cleaning and cleaning quality and operation requirements", it is required that the overall appearance of the road should be clean, there should be no accumulated garbage, ponding and dirt, and there should be no scattered residual garbage around the suitcase. Peel boxes shall be cleared at least twice a day for trunk roads and at least once a day for branch roads and alleys

the relevant person in charge of the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau said that the draft of the local standards "requirements for the quality of environmental sanitation in streets and Alleys", "requirements for the quality and operation of urban road cleaning", "requirements for the quality and operation of rural neighborhood road cleaning" was prepared and revised according to the "2019 Beijing local standard preparation and revision project plan". Citizens can log in to the official website of the Bureau for inquiry. Before December 4, Feedback the opinions to the Bureau by e-mail or fax, fax:; e-mail:mryantao@。

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