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Warm tips for Shandong temporary work: cold is coming, protect your car

warm tips for Shandong temporary work: cold is coming, protect your car

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affected by the climate, the temperature in North China has dropped sharply recently, and the temperature has been below zero in some periods. At present, some fuel suppliers have replaced and sold fuel with different grades, but the quality of some fuel is unstable and uneven

at present, most vehicles are EFI Engines, which have high requirements for oil products. In order to make your equipment operate normally and ensure production, please choose a regular diesel supplier to fill fuel

warm tips for Shandong temporary workers

I. regular drainage during working hours of primary fuel filter (oil-water separator)

II. Replace the fuel filter element in time according to the use situation. The fuel filter element includes: primary fuel filter, fuel filter element, secondary fuel filter and oil suction filter. (if there is a need, you can contact the local dealer of Lingong to buy the original high-quality filter element in case of need.)

From the current relatively small market situation to other areas of processing and production

III. if it is impossible to purchase regular company diesel, if conditions permit, it is better to store the purchased fuel, filter it after sedimentation and fill it with fuel in the upper position

IV. check whether the coolant is an effective antifreeze. If water is added to the vehicle, please replace the antifreeze in time or drain the water when it stops at low temperature

v. if there is water adding equipment, please pay attention at any time. If necessary, drain the water to avoid damaging the equipment and causing unnecessary losses

VI. if there is winter construction equipment, please change the winter oil when the temperature continues to be below zero

VII. Correct storage methods for vehicles that do not work in winter:

1. Disassemble the battery, put it indoors and charge it once a month

2. Users who have stopped for more than half a month should not start work for the first time. After the initial start, the refueling valve should not idle for minutes to avoid damaging the turbocharger

3. Vehicles that have been stopped for more than a month should be removed when they need to be started again. 4: because the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine often use the oil inlet pipe above the turbocharger to add a small amount of oil before starting, which will greatly increase (6) the service life of your car's turbine components in case of oil leakage

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