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Shandong Lingong loader was highly praised by Vietnamese customers

Shandong Lingong loader was highly praised by Vietnamese customers

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anphuc manufacturing and commercial company is a small manufacturer of building materials in Hanoi, Vietnam, supplying premixed concrete to construction contractors. Founded three years ago, the company's output has continued to increase recently, and its revenue has also increased significantly. Its two aluminum alloy cables for low-voltage power distribution used in the United States and other North American countries are temporary lg952h loaders that undertake the company's main material handling work according to ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy technical specifications

Vietnam is currently the seventh largest cement producer in the world, and the cement produced is mainly used domestically. Due to the growth of foreign investment in Vietnam's real estate industry and the country's strong support for infrastructure development, Vietnam's domestic demand for ready mixed concrete is rising

"for small enterprises like ours, it is very important to ensure profitability and business sustainability, low management costs and minimum downtime. Products can only be consumed in large quantities after rigorous experiments and then put on the market." Said Nguyen Van Luc, the boss of anphuc cement plant. Compared with similar products, the temporary loader has the following advantages:

first, the heavy load carrying capacity

the Vietnamese market changes rapidly. Some customers' cement demand is 300000 cubic meters a year, and the delivery cycle is also shortened to a few months. Considering these factors, an phuc has to re evaluate the production capacity of the equipment, especially the material processing capacity. After evaluating the price and productivity of products from different manufacturers, the company finally chose to invest in two new temporary lg952h loaders to support the continuous growth of its business

at the production base in Hanoi, an phuc produces pre mixed concrete at the mixing plant near the quarry. In the base, 1000 tons of sand and gravel are transported from the nearby Red River to the mixing plant every day, and the distance from the Red River to the mixing plant is 50 meters. Every time the stones are unloaded to the dumping site, two temporary lg952h will be loaded and transported to the mixing plant 20 meters away

the lg952h with a rated 5 tons is equipped with a 150KW Weichai engine, which has the best pushing force to ensure that the bucket can be fully loaded, so as to obtain better productivity and efficiency. Long wheelbase and large overturning load ensure stability even on rough roads. At the same time, the components of this model are designed for heavy load conditions

second, humanized configuration

Vietnam has a warm and humid environment, which makes the operator's body unbearable during operation, especially in the dry season between May and September. The driver's cab equipped with air conditioning on temporary work is popular. "The embedded air-conditioning system of the temporary loader has functions such as overload shutdown protection, which reduces the fatigue of operators, especially in extreme weather conditions." the temporary loader makes our operations more efficient, "said Pham Van quyen, the site operation manager

third, it also has a certain self-healing ability, low cost and high efficiency

"since purchasing the temporary loader, our production efficiency has increased by 40% compared with the previous solution. These two machines have become an integral part of our efficient management system, helping us achieve our goals in time and within the budget", Pham Van quyen said

these two machines work an average of 40 hours a week and transport 1680 cubic meters of stone every day

temporary lg952h loader has enhanced bucket loading capacity and large torque, making it an ideal choice for loading tasks of concrete pre mixing workstation

IV. service of "serving you wholeheartedly throughout the process"

temporary loader purchased by an phuc from Cong ty TNHH Hoang Giai (Hoang Giai). The company is headquartered in Hanoi and is a temporary authorized dealer. Hoang Giai is only 15 kilometers away from an phuc and can provide parts and technical support within an hour. In addition, the warranty period of the whole machine is 2000 hours

"when I know that Hoang giaican can provide support quickly, I am relieved. This means that even if something goes wrong, the downtime will be minimized. The timely delivery of accessories and services is crucial to the survival of our business. We are convinced that with a strong partner like Hoang Giai, we can achieve greater growth in the future", Nguyen Van Luc said

after cooperating with hoanggiai, a large number of cement and premixed concrete factories are purchasing equipment, and the business of temporary workers in Vietnam has also increased significantly. Temporary products, with their reliable performance and mature design, as a cost-effective combination, are very attractive to equipment operators in Vietnam

in order to support the growing customer base of Lingong in Vietnam and the vast Southeast Asian market, Lingong has established a regional parts warehouse in Singapore. "Southeast Asia is an important market for Lingong. For customers, it is very important that accessories should be as close to customers as possible," said Anthony Neo, director of regional sales support of Lingong in Southeast Asia. "We try our best to increase the availability of accessories and services, so as to ensure that our customers can maximize the normal operation time of equipment."

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