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Shandong Xinhua Printing: green printing is the inevitable trend of future development

entering the printing factory, large and small printing machines are very conspicuous in front of us. The workers are busy in an orderly manner. On the 19th, the large interview group of the seventh China network media Shandong travel in Shandong, a culturally strong province, came to Xinhua Printing logistics group. Different from the century gold list interviewed the day before yesterday, the media witnessed the whole process of green printing from white paper to books

green printing is the inevitable trend in the future

in recent years, green has become an increasingly concerned issue for printing enterprises, and the 12th Five Year Plan is to promote green printing to a new height. The real green printing originated in the western developed countries in the late 1980s. After 20 or more years of development, one specimen broke in the weld, it has entered the practical application stage from the concept discussion stage, and has developed greatly in all aspects and become increasingly familiar

according to the person in charge of the company, Xinhua printing and logistics group began to implement green printing on some teaching materials as early as four years ago. In addition to local teaching materials, Xinhua also printed books with Educational Science Press, Shandong publishing group, Qingdao publishing group, Jiangsu Education Press and other publishing institutions

it is reported that many teaching auxiliary books printed by Xinhua have used imported soybean ink to print teaching materials, and some publishing houses have printed green teaching materials with their publicity and promotion. In addition, the group changed the solvent based coating on the cover of textbooks to a more environmentally friendly water-based adhesive film and UV glazing

the person in charge of the company said that green printing is an inevitable trend and a common requirement of readers, which will play a positive role in the healthy growth of children. Xinhua will promote green printing from textbooks to more books

one of the three major printing bases in Shandong

when entering Xinhua Printing logistics group, it was first attracted by the medals of the enterprise. According to reports, the enterprise was awarded the civilized unit of the national publishing industry by the General Administration of publishing, the advanced unit of cultural system reform and cultural industry development by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the top ten cultural enterprises in Shandong Province, the first outstanding publishing collective in Shandong Province, the provincial civilized unit, the integrity enterprise in Shandong Province, the top ten printing units in Shandong Province, the gold award enterprise for printing high-quality products of national publications The national top 100 printing enterprises with annual tax payment and the first batch of national honest printing enterprises

Xinhua is the only supporting industry in the national printing industry, including book printing, book logistics distribution, high-quality printing, green exquisite packaging, environmental protection printing plate production, printing material supply, printing machinery and equipment import and export trade. It is also a national unique large-scale comprehensive printing logistics industry group that has formed a one-stop industrial chain of printing, logistics distribution, distribution and supply, equipment production, equipment trade and so on. And what makes gongpifeng, chairman of the company, the most proud is the only one in China printed by Xinhua

in 2010, Xinhua printing and logistics group achieved a sales revenue of 208 million yuan, an increase of 90.9% year-on-year; Profits and taxes reached 22.86 million yuan, an increase of 89.9% year-on-year; The logistics throughput of book printing is 120000 tons, and the capital flow is 1.1 billion yuan. From January to September this year, the sales revenue reached 157 million yuan, an increase of 15.3% year on year; Profits and taxes reached 13.23 million yuan, an increase of 21% year-on-year

Xinhua printing and logistics group, founded in 1952, is mainly engaged in teaching materials for primary and secondary school students, book publishing and printing, and Book logistics distribution business. It is one of the three major printing bases in the province that are clearly proposed in the cultural industry development plan of Shandong provincial Party committee and provincial government to build a printing and logistics base focusing on Linyi. Linyi metallographic examination method: cut open the sample you want to test, and then embed it, Grind the embedded samples with a metallographic grinder, dry them after corrosion, and then look at the microscope. There is a 100 with scale in the microscope Χ It is planned to be the cultural industry base and cultural enterprise group that Jingshi will focus on, and the cultural industry demonstration base in Shandong Province

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