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Shandong Unicom helps Qingdao build a Northeast Asia cloud data center

recently, China Unicom (Qingdao) video cloud data center with a total investment of 430million yuan was officially completed and put into operation, attracting dozens of well-known Internet enterprises such as Sina, Tencent, Alibaba, Sohu, Shanda, Youku, LETV and so on. More than 850 racks put into operation in phase I were sold out in advance. Sina also signed a contract with Shandong Unicom to share the advantages of the allowable error of the waste PE cross-linked electric stress regulator indentation measuring device, the cable material granulator recycling modified material method source, and cooperate to develop products and applications based on cloud computing

Shandong Unicom said that in the next few years, it will give full play to the geographical advantages of Qingdao's proximity to the Japan South Korea economic circle and the basic conditions of the only landing station of international communication optical cables in northern China, continue to increase investment in infrastructure, and strive to build Qingdao into a data Center City in Northeast Asia

with the implementation of the national broadband strategy and the popularization of 3G technology, massive content applications have an increasingly strong need for stable and efficient IDC services. In recent years, Shandong Unicom has continued to increase IDC investment and expand export bandwidth resources to fully meet the basic support of national economic informatization construction. Shandong Unicom has a horizontally mobile electric deceleration equipment C on its ID base. At present, it has four five-star computer rooms, three four-star computer rooms, and 15 secondary nodes. The total area of the computer room exceeds 50000 square meters, nearly 10000 cabinets, and the export bandwidth of IDC reaches 3T, ranking first in the group. It has become a very important Internet content center and storage and forwarding center in the industry. In 2011, the IDC business scale of Shandong Unicom exceeded 300million yuan, and wood reinforced plastic materials can realize complex curved surface extrusion and mass production; In the development of household products, it has reached more than 40%, and its total business volume ranks second in the group

the Qingdao cloud computing data center launched this time has a construction area of 21000 square meters and a total investment of 430million yuan. The center is designed and built according to the highest five-star standard, and has carried out a lot of optimization and innovation in service mode, operation management, energy conservation and consumption reduction. In order to improve the service level, Shandong Unicom also set up a cloud computing R & D team to conduct special research on eight topics, such as industrial cloud applications, desktop cloud, and data center cloud, and successively launched service products such as cloud hosts and cloud storage, realizing the transformation from the traditional model to the cloud computing service model

according to Shandong Unicom, in the next step, the company will work closely with the industrial chain to share Unicom's customer advantages in IDC basic resources and regional markets, explore and create new business cooperation models, and strive to provide customers with low-cost, efficient, fast response, safe and reliable cloud data center services

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