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Shandong Lingong made a strong debut at BMW Munich

as the world's most prestigious and largest construction machinery exhibition, BMW Munich 2016 will be the best platform to show the comprehensive strength of the world's leading construction machinery manufacturers. After the rapid expansion of the distribution network and the continuous development of the product line, Shandong Lingong, which has a strong brand momentum, will also make a strong appearance at the BMW Munich exhibition. Shandong Lingong will display a series of international best-selling products and launch new CE products to strengthen its position as an international leading manufacturer

Shandong Lingong's further expanded sales territory in 2015 witnessed its continuous international expansion plan. At present, sdlg brand is represented by more than 80 dealers worldwide to support the global sales of Lingong machinery and equipment

In 2015, Shandong Lingong launched a series of wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, graders and rollers through local dealers in Myanmar. In July, sdlg brand wheel loaders, graders and backhoe loaders were successfully launched in East Timor and Nepal

as early as 2014, sdlg became the first Chinese construction machinery brand to set up a parts storage center in Southeast Asia, which greatly shortened the supply time of parts in the region. This new parts supply warehouse in Singapore mainly serves the double corrugated board market in Southeast Asia and helps temporary workers realize their mission of continuously improving product services for customers

in July 2015, Shandong Lingong launched a new product exhibition hall in Morocco under the downturn of the local market, showing its confidence in the potential market. In June of the same year, a new accessories and service center was also launched in Sudan. In September, Shandong Lingong made its debut at the BMW Africa exhibition and launched the b877 backhoe loader in the African market

"with the continuous global expansion, the markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East are still the regions with the strongest growth. The company will continue to increase investment in these regions and provide stable post market support," said Yu Mengsheng, President of Shandong Lingong

in August 2015, a number of wheel loaders under Shandong Lingong have been successfully introduced into the New Zealand market. Reliable products, complete supporting parts and service support have met the growing customer demand

in May 2015, Shandong Lingong launched its first CE certified wheel loader lg958l in Turkey. The listing of Shandong Lingong products in Turkey is conducive to the expansion of its brand in the world

in North America, Shandong Lingong has been in the market for less than two years, but it has shown signs of success. In just two years, the brand has grown from 7 dealers and 12 agent locations to 29 dealers and 53 locations in the United States and Canada. In this market long occupied by high-end brands, customers have given great recognition to Shandong Lingong's cost-effective equipment. Shandong temporary workers have occupied a place in the fields of snow shoveling, material handling, engineering and recycling, and began to obtain purchase orders from local governments

"2015 has been a strong year for Shandong Lingong, and we hope to reduce and solve the pollution caused by waste water and exhaust gas. 2016 will also be the same. BMW Germany will become an excellent platform to show our products and international expansion performance. In the next few years, sdlg brand will spread across the Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas, and become the most trusted Chinese construction machinery brand in the region." President Yu Mengsheng said

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