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Packaging design purpose and basic functions

packaging design seems simple, but it is not; When an experienced packaging designer executes a design case, he considers not only visual mastery or structural innovation, but also whether he has a comprehensive understanding of the product marketing planning involved in the case. If the packaging design lacks comprehensive product analysis, positioning, marketing strategy and other pre planning, the user manual that needs to browse the configuration in detail is not a complete and mature design work. The details of the birth of a new product are quite complicated through the internal R D, product analysis, positioning to marketing concept and other processes, but these processes are inseparable from the formulation of the packaging design direction. When the designer plans a case, if the business owner does not provide these information, the designer should also take the initiative to understand and analyze

before analyzing the packaging design, we should first clarify the differences between "products" and "commodities": an unpacked content is a "product", and a packaged product is a "commodity". It can be seen that a product must be "packaged" to become a commodity sold on shelves in stores

purpose of packaging

introduction of goods: through the elements on the packaging, consumers can understand the content, brand and name of goods

labeling: information such as the shelf life of commodities, nutrition tables, bar codes, load-bearing restrictions, environmental protection labels, etc. must be clearly marked in accordance with laws and regulations

communication: in order to enhance the corporate image, some enterprises will attach some caring publicity, child assistance or positive publicity "plastic restriction order" to the packaging, which has been implemented for more than 7 years, so as to have a positive interaction with consumers

occupy the shelf position: the final battlefield of goods is in the store. Whether it is the shelves in the store or the vending machine, how to compete with the competitive brands and how to create a better visual space are all the considerations of packaging design

invigorate and stimulate the desire to buy: the combination of packaging design and advertising can make consumers remember commodities and stand out from the diverse commodities on the shelf

self sales: commercial packaging is the packaging that consumers have the most contact with. Now there is no longer the sales behavior of salesmen promoting or recommending in the store, but direct face-to-face communication with consumers through packaging. Therefore, a good packaging design must truly provide commodity information to consumers who are successfully used in mass production for the first time, and let consumers at a distance of 60 cm (general hand length) After 3 seconds of quick browsing, you can see at a glance, "I'm what you need!" Therefore, successful packaging design can make goods easily achieve the purpose of self-sale

promotion: in order to clearly inform the information of commodity promotion, the packaging must sometimes be redesigned to match the promotion content, such as increment, discount, price reduction, buy one get one free, free gifts and other promotion content

basic functions of packaging

centralized, storage and carrying: through "bag" and "loading", products can be centralized and placed in the same space for convenient storage, measurement, pricing and carrying

it is convenient to transfer products from the origin to consumers, and they can be assembled and sold on the market only after packaging

message notification: through the material and form of packaging, let consumers know the properties of content and convey consumption information

and all production enterprises take measures to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices to preserve products and extend life: depending on commodity attributes and needs, sometimes in order to extend commodity life, packaging functionality is often better than visual performance, and even more packaging material costs must be paid. The development of packaging materials such as cans and fresh houses allows consumers to use goods without being affected by time and space

under pressure: the selection of packaging materials is also the key; For example, sausage, darling and other commodities are packed with nitrogen, so that the air in the package has enough buffer space, so that the product will not be crushed or deformed

resistance to light, oxidation and ultraviolet rays: in many countries, there are regulations that some goods must use packaging materials that are resistant to light, ultraviolet rays and oxidation to prevent deterioration

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