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In the process of household installation, the installation of wood flooring can be said to be a big project, because before starting other installations, the installation foundation of wood flooring should be laid and firm. Sometimes, for the generally simple installation method of wooden floor, you can actually complete it by yourself, and you don't have to invite special installers to install the wooden floor. This can not only save some installation costs, but also learn the installation method of wooden floor by yourself, which is really the best of both worlds. The following editor will introduce the precautions for the installation of wood flooring in summer decoration

I. keep the floor dry, flat and clean when installing the floor. The key is to be particularly impatient. If the keel is not installed, the direct laying should also confirm that the ground is absolutely flat. In addition, on the day of laying the floor, other workers in the family should leave the site temporarily

II. When the floor is delivered, it must be unpacked and checked to confirm that the delivered floor is the model you ordered. It's best to unpack the floor and check for quality problems. Carefully compare the color difference. Although the floor will inevitably have some color differences, if the color difference is too large and you feel it is unacceptable, you can reject it, and contact the seller in time to solve it as soon as possible. Don't wait for the floor to be paved before you find the color difference, which will cause losses at this time. And generally, the floor seller will ask you to sign on the receipt when the floor is delivered. Once you sign, you will recognize the quality of the floor

third, because the home has been basically completed when laying the floor, workers should be reminded when they arrive at the site to avoid bumping the finished products. Before striking the baseboard, the installation hole of the door batten, and the lower end of the sawn door pocket, the workers should clearly tell the workers which places should not be drilled or sawn, so as to avoid damaging the original water pipes and conduits. This is very critical. Many owners I know have encountered the situation of nailing the skirting board to break through the water pipe

IV. before construction, it is necessary to re verify the laying direction and method determined in advance with the workers. In addition, open several more packages of floors and communicate with workers — Check the color and texture changes of the floor, and determine whether to lay it randomly or divide it into depth and color. Some floors with not very beautiful colors can be laid under large furniture such as cloakrooms and beds. When laying the floor in my home, I also selected some floors with horizontal texture to lay in the aisle. After laying, it looks very chic and characteristic

v. the distance between the lower opening of the door and the floor (including the thickness of the door batten) after laying should be kept at more than 4mm to prevent the door from sinking in the future and affecting the opening and closing

VI. sawing the floor is best operated in the balcony, bathroom or corridor

VII. The expansion joint between the floor and the wall should be 8-10mm, otherwise the floor will lose the room for free expansion and easy to arch. Generally, if the thickness of the floor is more than 8 mm, you can also cut a wood strip with a thickness of 8-10 mm, which is used as a wooden wedge pressed in the expansion joint beside the wall as a measurement standard. When installing the skirting board Be sure to take out the wooden wedge placed in the expansion joint, otherwise the expansion joint will be left in vain. The installed skirting should completely cover the expansion joint. In order to firmly install the skirting line, it is best to nail it. After installation, ask the oiler to repair the nail holes and seams. The internal and external corners of the skirting line should be 45 degrees diagonal, which will be much more beautiful

VIII. The interface between the moisture-proof layer of the ground and the plastic cloth for the laying of geothermal floor must be overlapped and bonded with adhesive tape

IX. if the length or width of the floor is more than 8 meters, the interface or door between rooms and halls must be equipped with battens

editor's summary: here are the precautions for the installation of wood flooring in summer decoration. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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