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On August 6, 2014, at the 10th Guangdong furniture industry economic work conference held by Guangdong Furniture Association in Guangzhou, Weiyi customized furniture was awarded the honorary title of "advanced unit of creating Guangdong famous trademark"

on August 6, 2014, Guangdong Furniture Association held the 10th economic work conference of Guangdong furniture industry in Guangzhou. With the theme of "innovation driven? Technological transformation? Environmental governance? Optimization and upgrading", the conference focused on the economic operation of the furniture industry in our province in the first half of this year, put forward measures to deal with the economic situation, and set off a new wave of technological transformation and environmental governance of the furniture industry. Weiyi custom furniture participated in the meeting as a core member of the association

the 10th Guangdong furniture industry economic work conference

ZHU Changling, chairman of China Furniture Association, made a speech at the meeting

ZHU Changling, chairman of China Furniture Association, analyzed the situation of the national furniture industry in the first half of the year at the meeting. He believes that the construction of new urbanization, the development of modern service industry, the separate two-child policy and other factors are beneficial to the industry. In the first half of the year, the industry showed a rapid improvement in technical level, but the development was uneven; Large enterprises are developing well; The rapid development of customized furniture; Cold sales in some stores; E-commerce develops rapidly; Stores are characterized by diversification. Enterprises should adhere to the transformation and upgrading, from production-oriented to production service-oriented, from single furniture production to diversified production. Weiyi customized furniture, a software enterprise, has successfully transformed and upgraded to the furniture industry, and has been praised as "a typical example of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries" by Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council. Now the enterprise is developing rapidly and has launched the grand blueprint of "occupy the city center and create a wealth story"

Vice Premier Wang Yang inspected Weiyi customization

at the end of the conference, the outstanding furniture enterprises were awarded the plaque of "Guangdong furniture industry transformation and upgrading key cultivation enterprises (the fourth batch)", the advanced units of creating China's famous trademarks and Guangdong's famous trademarks were commended, and the certificates were issued to the first batch of enterprises and individuals donated by Guangdong home original public welfare fund

Weiyi customized furniture made outstanding achievements in the activity of creating "Guangdong famous trademark" in 2013, and was awarded the honorary title of "advanced unit of creating Guangdong famous trademark". The commendation not only announced the recognition and trust of consumers in the competitiveness, brand influence and product quality of weishang furniture products. At the same time, it also shows the strong development momentum of weishang furniture after transformation and upgrading

Founded in 2003, Weiyi custom furniture is a home furnishing enterprise with rapid development relying on high-tech innovation. Innovatively put forward the concept of digital customization in China, and it is a service benchmark enterprise in the industry. Many technologies have won the scientific and technological progress award issued by China Furniture Association. And has the world's advanced 3D virtual design, 3D virtual production and virtual assembly system. The production process control system based on digital bar code management, which was built with a large amount of money in 2006, and the "second" level processing control evaluation, with world-class ideas and technology, is a science and technology application demonstration base awarded by the China Furniture Association

the enterprise integrates design, manufacturing and service. Since its establishment, it has always paid attention to using innovative technology to serve furniture. The concept of digital customization solves the worldwide problems of personalized customization and mass production, and explores a new way to transform traditional industries by integrating informatization and industrialization in furniture manufacturing. It is a service benchmark enterprise in the industry and a leading brand of customized furniture, which has been highly valued by many national leaders and the government

former Premier Wen Jiabao met with Fu Jianping, director of Weiyi customization

long Dejiang, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, inspected Weiyi customization

in order to provide customers with as diverse personalized choices as possible, enterprises have infinitely subdivided furniture products into sub modules. There are more personalized customization elements and more combinations of final products. And the realization of mass customization, the most fundamental is to realize the infinite subdivision of product sub modules and the infinite combination of final products

the perfect pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and installation services make customers "feel at ease in buying, using and living." The three complete services of "whole house furniture customization, whole process digital service and wholehearted customer experience" also put forward higher requirements for the company's own development - everything is for customer satisfaction

"the road is slowly built, and I will seek it up and down." the honorary title of "creating a famous trademark advanced unit in Guangdong Province" will not only affirm the achievements of the enterprise, but also promote the enterprise to constantly move forward and move towards higher goals. Weiyi people will also continue to work hard and contribute to the development of China's customized furniture industry




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