Can you hold the Japanese tatami with super love

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Tatami was introduced into Japan, South Korea and other places from the Tang Dynasty in China. Tatami series products are used in Xi'an royal tombs. Tatami is made of pure natural plants, which is natural and environmental friendly. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, making you feel comfortable physically and mentally; It can eliminate fatigue and prevent bone bending. Tatami can absorb moisture and release moisture, and has a good adjustment function for the temperature and humidity of the room. It has a natural massage effect and promotes blood circulation; It is a healthy mattress, cushion can also be used as a floor; Because it has certain elasticity, shock absorption and slow filling effect, it is also used in gymnasiums and gyms. It is also a good place for the elderly and children to rest

tatami has a wide range of applications: it can be used in families, Japanese cuisine, hotels, star rated hotels and other occasions, especially in attic decoration. Tatami is your best choice

the traditional Japanese tatami is simple, neat, elegant, spacious, without any decoration. The multi-layer compression process makes it comfortable with soft and hard. The low indoor supporting furniture, the narrow use area, and the inherent cleanliness of the Japanese make people in the harmony room can only move barefoot. Whether it is tea, drinking, eating, reading, they must sit cross legged indoors




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