Decoration effect drawing of Tianma XingKong child

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Childhood, always so naive, so innocent and natural, will always miss that period of not very profound but interesting days. Children's room is accompanied by children's growth, and also witnessed children's growth, and the environment also has a great impact on children's growth. Imaginative design makes dreams float in it. Xiaobian prepared three decoration renderings of children's rooms to spend his childhood together

decoration effect drawing of children's room

creates a secret base for children in a small attic. Pure solid wood molding not only provides a healthy environment, but also gives people a very retro and natural feeling. Interesting pulleys and elevated beds create a small playground for naughty children; The graffiti painting on the background wall of the children's room, with irregular patterns, gives people a very natural and comfortable feeling. In an instant, the children's room seems to be surrounded by blue sky and white clouds, full of free air

decoration effect drawing of children's room

if you want to create a relatively large playing area for children, you can choose to override it in the design of children's bed, which is like building an air children's bed, so that children can enjoy the happiness of floating in their sleep, of course, on the basis of absolute safety. Climb the ladder and walk into the children's bed. The small cave gives it a lot of fun; The children's study can be made under the children's bed, which is a very interesting way to save space

decoration effect drawing of children's room

if there is not only one child in the home, and the space in the home is relatively limited, then more attention should be paid to the design of children's room, which can not only provide children with comfortable rest space, but also have sufficient play areas. The thick wall made of white stone extends from the ground to the ceiling, and several small holes are dug out as a place for children to rest. It looks very interesting, and the remaining space can be used for them to play

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