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The consumption of construction machinery has been upgraded. The "green cycle plan" makes it more reliable to "buy" second-hand excavators.

buying has now become one of people's daily behaviors. It is extremely convenient to buy, chop, place orders online and deliver goods to the door offline. This is true for everyday consumer goods, but if we put this experience on those high-value and low-frequency goods, it will be difficult to use, such as furniture, cars, etc

compared with daily consumer goods, these commodities generally have higher value, higher barriers and greater information asymmetry. Therefore, the transactions of these commodities often require customers' presence and on-site confirmation to ensure that the commodities are correct. As a result, transactions in such commodities are often carried out under. For construction machinery, the proportion of purchase is smaller, and the purchase of accessories can not form a popular trend, let alone hundreds of thousands of millions of hosts. E-commerce for construction machinery has appeared for many years, but it has not improved. No one can set off any waves in the second Jianghu, or even see a spray

the pain point of the second transaction is that the second transaction is not a product of large-scale production. There are great individual differences between products. In addition, it has hundreds of thousands of high value. Therefore, it is a necessary condition for the second transaction that users see or test drive in person. Without this prerequisite, the second transaction cannot be reached

the performance of the upstream raw material market of Yulong in the second-hand trading market of construction machinery is generally mixed. It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

the defects of the current second-hand trading platform are reasonable. Since the offline test drive is a necessary condition and unbreakable, what is the rationality of the second-hand trading

first, the number of vehicle sources. In the next transaction scenario, in order to select a second-hand car, users often have to go through multiple second-hand transaction markets. However, the second-hand car transaction markets are relatively concentrated and are not as common as the second-hand car transaction market. Therefore, the number of car sources that users can contact is limited. If they want to contact more car sources, they have to spend more time, go farther, or even look for equipment across provinces, so the marginal cost is very high. Setting up the "two up" trading platform can greatly reduce the marginal cost and allow users to easily reach more car sources

what is the second? Higher transaction efficiency? More open and transparent? Sorry, in my personal opinion, in these aspects, the previous online trading platforms are very general, and most of them only achieve the first point: the accumulation of the number of vehicle sources, because this has the lowest barrier and the lowest cost. There are no barriers and costs, which means there is no moat. In the field you can kill, others can also come in and disrupt the situation. All kinds of erluo trading platforms are performing on the stage, and the box office on paper may be prosperous, but the audience sitting under the stage is very few

it can not solve the problems of dishonesty, opacity and low quality in the secondary trading market. The secondary trading platform can only be a welcoming doorman on the street, can only be used as a drainage, and is free from the real secondary circulation system. If you want to control all links of the second circulation and fundamentally change the second purchase, you must have heavyweight players who occupy a decisive position in the industry

the first construction machinery launched a green cycle planning platform to provide manufacturers with certified machines, making users more comfortable in purchasing machines

a new way to overtake by changing lanes

in March 2018, the first construction machinery released the green cycle planning in Beijing (greensilcotech and Dow Corning began to cooperate to develop the process cycle planning, referred to as GCP, in July 2013), aiming to provide high-quality green cycle products to the market. Although it is the same as the second trading platform, the playing method of this platform is very different from that of other platforms. It can be regarded as a new track, playing the role of platform certification management + enterprise self-management. At the same time, the first settled partner of GCP platform is a super Superstar: Komatsu China

Komatsu is a leader in the Chinese market in terms of secondary market ownership, trading volume, transaction price of the same tonnage, and household registration. In other words, users recognize this brand. In addition to the ordinary two circulating in the market, Komatsu also launched a more high-end self operated two business cycle machine

different from the two vendors or two markets in the market, Komatsu's corporate behavior is to launch the circulator. Therefore, the circulator is also born with Komatsu's business philosophy: quality and integrity. Each Komatsu circulator has been strictly selected and reviewed, and has been thoroughly circularly prepared according to strict standards. The material, process, commissioning and acceptance in the preparation process are strictly controlled to ensure that each servicing equipment is of high quality

due to the different structure and appearance of various samples, Komatsu circulator is not only strictly controlled by Komatsu itself, but also audited by the GCP platform certification conditions by entering the GCP platform. The GCP platform records the detailed data of the settled equipment, including model, manufacturing date, working time, maintenance history, etc., to ensure that the equipment information is true, effective and available. In addition to the comprehensive data tracking of one machine, one number and one file for the settled circulator equipment, the platform also introduces the equipment sovereignty query function to ensure the double integrity of equipment quality and transaction process

a Komatsu equipment has been subject to strict review far beyond the ordinary two circulating in the market since it was prepared in the factory and settled in GCP. In addition, the GCP platform also uses big data technology to manage the equipment life cycle of the settled circulator, and strictly manage the process and green construction of equipment leasing

Komatsu circulator provides the official authoritative test report

it can be said that Komatsu China and GCP, which are self-supporting and platform authentication management methods, not only let the network platform dissociated from the second trading cycle system intervene in the trading process, but also solved the two biggest pain points in the offline second trading market: first, there is no guarantee mechanism and credit endorsement. Users do not have to worry about the quality of the equipment when GCP selects the equipment, All links from machine selection to transaction are under the control of users; Second, there is not enough vehicle source. Komatsu China, which is the first to settle in the GCP platform, will continue to provide high-quality cycle locomotive sources. At the same time, other powerful enterprises and institutions will also settle in the GCP platform

from this point of view, it is more reassuring and reliable to select the second equipment on the GCP network platform than in the second trading market. It is believed that with the development trend that the product characteristics and technical requirements cater to the national industrial policies and the utilization of new materials, the high-quality secondary mode such as Komatsu circulator and the platform such as GCP have made a good start. More and more users will choose to buy reliable equipment in reliable places. At the same time, this form of enterprise self-operation may also become the next general trend in the secondary market

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