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The development of construction machinery and instrument industry takes the road of energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency

the development of construction machinery and instrument industry takes the road of energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence and efficiency

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in recent years, with the continuous expansion and innovation of infrastructure construction, construction machinery has stepped into the mainstream of equipment manufacturing on a large scale. With the recent development of new urbanization, the demand of construction machinery and instrument industry will soar. However, with the increasing number of construction machinery products and the increasing difficulty of construction projects, the market competitiveness of construction machinery will continue to strengthen in the future. Therefore, under the strong market challenge, only the construction machinery that meets the current construction conditions and is efficient can be recognized by the market. The development direction of construction machinery in the future will be gradually clear

energy conservation and environmental protection

recently, environmental problems have become increasingly serious in industries that are forced by the state. At the same time, China's construction machinery and equipment industry has a large proportion of pollution. China is the largest construction site in the world. Therefore, the emission of construction machinery has also become a great burden. Today, with the implementation of environmental protection by the state, environmental friendly construction machinery has become the focus of demand. However, China's environmental pollution has reached a certain degree. Environmental governance is not only the present, but also the top priority in the future. The 12th Five Year Plan for industrial energy conservation also shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, the energy consumption of added value of industries above Designated Size will decrease by 21% compared with 2010, but it is about the economic cost

China's energy conservation and environmental protection engineering machinery and instrument industry will face important opportunities. From the series of new products launched in recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have become an important direction for the strategic development of construction machinery enterprises. Energy conservation and environmental protection will become the mainstream trend in the development of construction machinery, whether from the aspects of reducing environmental burden or breaking foreign trade barriers

intelligent and efficient

in the construction machinery and instrument industry, the application of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor production efficiency, improve workers' working conditions and labor intensity, but also accelerate the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, get rid of the homogeneous competition of products, and enhance the brand value of products. The transformation of China's construction machinery from big to strong is the transformation from traditional mechanization to digitalization and automation. On the road of product intelligence and production intelligence, in order to survive and develop in the face of the cruel situation of international competition in the domestic market and the challenges of new technologies and processes, construction machinery must solve the problems of listing speed, the best quality, the lowest cost and the best service to achieve the purpose of intelligence. Therefore, there must be a difficult road on the road of intelligent construction machinery

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