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Construction machinery enterprises expand the blue ocean of the agricultural machinery market. Since ancient times, China has attached great importance to the production of spring ploughing. In spring, the indoor air of ice 337 is frozen to digest the earth's air. At this time, farming is more effective. For farmers, farming is the most important

"spring ploughing, summer ploughing, autumn harvest and winter storage do not lose time, so there is no shortage of grain." Since ancient times, China has attached great importance to the production of spring farming. In spring, the land and air are frozen and digested. At this time, farming is more effective. For farmers, the most important thing in farming is spring ploughing. This is the best time for agricultural machinery enterprises to promote new products, expand sales and grasp services

the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in 2013 achieved remarkable results. According to the spirit of the No. 1 central document, the central government will continue to increase agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in 2014. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery in many provinces and cities were in place. At the same time, operational training was actively organized and efforts were made to improve the subsidy operation mechanism. With the gradual increase of national support for agriculture, the improvement of agricultural mechanization and the implementation of rural infrastructure policies, China's agriculture will be further improved and developed, and the agricultural machinery market has great potential

from the perspective of policies: the increase of agricultural subsidies promotes the popularization of agricultural machinery. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China's agricultural manufacturing industry benefited from the encouragement of national policies, capital investment, fiscal and tax incentives and other support. With the further innovation and development of scientific research, production and development systems, the industrial scale has been expanding, and has maintained a steady and rapid development trend. The main aggregate indicators of agricultural machinery industry have been in the forefront of the world. In 2010, the comprehensive mechanization level of farming and income in China has exceeded 50%, marking a historical turning point in China's agricultural production mode that the mechanized production mode is greater than the traditional production mode. The reform of China's agricultural production has entered a new era dominated by the mechanized production mode

in order to give full play to the effect of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, accelerate the transformation of agricultural mechanization development mode, promote the sound and rapid development of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry, and promote the improvement of comprehensive agricultural production capacity, the central government issued document No. 1 in 2014, emphasizing the need to further form an agricultural subsidy policy with "four subsidies", namely, direct subsidies for grain farmers, subsidies for improved varieties, subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and comprehensive subsidies for agricultural materials prices as the core

according to the central government, the subsidy fund for the purchase of agricultural machinery will reach 17billion yuan in 2014. In response to the agricultural machinery subsidy method proposed by the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of agriculture also officially issued the guiding opinions on the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) on February 13, which determined the implementation scope and scale of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in 2014, subsidized machines and tools and subsidy standards, payment methods of subsidy funds and other contents, and increased the subsidy limit of several types of machinery

the opinions points out that the types of machines and tools subsidized by the central government funds include: land preparation machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, field management machinery, harvesting machinery, post harvest processing machinery, primary processing machinery of agricultural products, irrigation and drainage machinery, animal husbandry and aquaculture machinery, power machinery, farmland capital construction machinery, facility agricultural equipment and other machinery, including 12 major categories, 48 sub categories and 175 items. In addition to the above 175 items, all localities can add no more than 30 machines and tools of other items within 12 categories to be included in the scope of central fund subsidies. It also emphasizes that the central government must implement quota subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and implement unified subsidy standards for agricultural machinery of the same type and grade within the province. The maximum amount of subsidies for general agricultural machinery products shall be uniformly determined by the Ministry of agriculture

the increase of agricultural subsidies in 2014 and the increase of state subsidies for agricultural machinery will greatly promote the popularization and application of agricultural machinery in rural areas, and further promote the improvement of China's grain output and the construction of new rural areas. It can be seen that in a long period of time in the future, the agricultural machinery industry will become one of the priorities for the national development. 6. Completing the experiment exit procedure. In particular, in recent years, China's agricultural mechanization has entered the performance characteristics development stage of the intermediate microcomputer controlled electronic control testing machine, and ushered in a high-speed development era. The development policy of agricultural mechanization is favorable, the agricultural machinery market contains huge market space, and the development of agricultural machinery industry has broad prospects

in response to the call for agricultural machinery subsidy funds from many provinces to be in place

Shaanxi Province: China engineering machinery information learned that the first batch of 420million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds allocated by the state to Shaanxi Province has been in place recently, and the work of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is about to begin. This year, the operation process of handling subsidies in Shaanxi has been simplified into three steps: purchase application, full price purchase, and verification and cashing. At the same time, a new mechanism of "full price purchase, county-level settlement, and one card to each household" has been implemented. Subsidies have increased support for farmers' cooperatives and agricultural production and operation organizations engaged in agricultural machinery operations. At the same time, the subsidy catalogue this year has added 8 varieties of machinery and equipment closely related to the advantageous and characteristic industries in Shaanxi Province, such as tea processing, rape planting and harvest separation, walnut peeling, etc

Guangdong Province: the operating procedures for agricultural machinery subsidies are changed to "subsidy application acceptance, subsidy application confirmation, subsidy object publicity, subsidy machine purchase, subsidy machine verification, subsidy fund allocation". The subsidy fund shall be appropriated in full at least once a month. The time from the actual purchase of subsidized machines and tools to the completion of the allocation of subsidy funds shall not exceed 60 days

Hunan Province: the first batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies reached 887million yuan. This year, we will comprehensively promote the mechanization of agricultural production processes. It is estimated that more than 4million kilowatts of agricultural machinery and equipment will be added throughout the year, the comprehensive mechanization level of major crop production will be increased by at least 2 percentage points, and the comprehensive mechanization level of rice cultivation and harvest will be increased to 65%. The output value of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry increased by more than 2.5 billion yuan, and the total value of agricultural machinery industry was close to 70billion yuan

Shanxi Province: focus on cultivating and giving priority to supporting new business entities with a subsidy of more than 3million yuan in the current year. The five types of facility agricultural greenhouses that meet the requirements, with an area of more than 1000 square meters, and professional large households, farmers' cooperatives, family farms, agricultural enterprises and other business entities that plant vegetables (including seedling raising), fruits and edible fungi can apply for subsidies of 7500 to 50000 yuan per mu

Henan Province: the first batch of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery reached 1.03 billion yuan. This year, the pilot of "full price purchase of machinery, county-level settlement, direct subsidy to card" will be expanded, and efforts will be made to build 900 mu of high-standard fertile land to ensure that the total grain output is stable at more than 110billion kg. At the same time, 69 agricultural machinery production enterprises without valid identification certificates or certification materials were disqualified from purchasing subsidies. Realize the continuous improvement of agricultural machinery equipment level, operation level and service level in the whole province, and popularize the application of new technologies and machines for agricultural mechanization

in 2013, China's agricultural machinery industry once again led the machinery manufacturing industry.

in 2013, China's agricultural machinery industry maintained a healthy and rapid development. According to the data of China Association of agricultural machinery industry, the main business income of China's agricultural machinery industry in 2013 was about 360billion yuan, an increase of 16% year-on-year. The enterprise's production and marketing are booming. The tensile testing machine has fully developed the large-scale fine testing instrument composed of the motor's respective expertise, and has achieved good economic benefits. The industry prosperity index and investment intensity have continued to rise, and the enterprise's modern manufacturing capacity and management level have been significantly improved

we have seen that this year, from the government to farmers, from enterprises to users, we have a deeper understanding of the important role of agricultural machinery in national grain production and modern rural construction, and a more comprehensive understanding that only relying on agricultural machinery can fundamentally solve the problem of "who will farm and how to farm". Relying on the rigid growth of market demand and the strong promotion of policies, China's agricultural machinery industry has been growing at a double-digit rate for ten consecutive years, becoming a real agricultural machinery manufacturing country. In 2013, the total output value of the global agricultural machinery industry is expected to reach 96billion euros, of which China accounts for about 45% of the world's total output value of agricultural machinery. The development of China's agricultural machinery industry has attracted worldwide attention

the equipment manufacturing level, quality assurance level and after-sales service level of the industry have been improved satisfactorily. According to China Construction machinery information, since 2012, China Association of agricultural machinery industry has vigorously carried out the promotion of digital manufacturing technology and equipment in the industry, and achieved very good results. A large number of enterprises, such as Luoyang Yituo, Foton Lovol, Shandong Changlin, Shuaike Co., Ltd. and Guhe transmission, have made remarkable progress in equipment manufacturing capacity and lean production management capacity, which has driven the whole industry to upgrade from traditional manufacturing to modern manufacturing industry

other domestic industries and various types of capital are more and more enthusiastic about the investment in agricultural machinery industry and pay more attention to it. Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion, the leading enterprises of construction machinery, Dongfeng Motor and BAIC group in the automotive industry, have officially started to set foot in the agricultural machinery industry. The participation of these large enterprises is conducive to the follow-up growth of the agricultural machinery industry, the effective integration of the industry and the acceleration of the process of autonomy

the subsidy policy issued by the Ministry of agriculture in 2014 will effectively stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for purchasing agricultural machinery and the growth of demand for agricultural machinery. With the gradual increase of national investment in the primary industry and the continuous advancement of China's rural industrialization, agricultural machinery has greater development potential

prepare for spring ploughing. The new products of various brands have multiple functions.

Chery heavy industry's new generation of wheat harvester "Guwang tb60" is a strong attack.

the new generation of self-propelled grain combine harvester Guwang tb60 released by Chery heavy industry in 2014 is an upgraded version of Guwang tb50. On the basis of inheriting the excellent functions of Chery heavy industry wheat machinery products, such as "pass, fast and clean", its feeding capacity can reach 6kg/s, and 38 upgrades have been achieved in terms of product quality and functional configuration

Chery heavy industry's first model, rv1654 High-power Tractor, made its debut in the world

as a leading product of "smart agricultural machinery", Chery heavy industry's gengwang rv1654 tractor can be equipped with terminal information control systems such as automatic driving and three-dimensional touch navigation. It can avoid repeated and missed operations by setting farmland boundaries and driving paths. At the same time, it can record driving paths and measure farmland area, which can greatly improve the operation accuracy. It is especially suitable for Northeast China Large area field operation in Northwest China

Lovol Gushen successfully launched rf60 rice harvester

Lovol Gushen rf60 crawler type full feed rice combine harvester is developed to meet the market demand in Northeast China. It has the characteristics of wide cutting range, large feeding capacity, high power and high reliability. Technical innovation has been realized in the header, power chassis, threshing cleaning and other parts. The technical level of the product is leading in China, with high cost performance

Case New Holland t1104 tractor appeared on the stage

case's 110 HP four-wheel drive tractor t1104 catches the eye with a fashionable and modern appearance design, a panoramic cab with 50% noise reduction, and a torque reserve of up to 30%. Its short wheelbase, light weight, both water and dry land, represents the development direction of paddy field high-power tractors

case 2254 stepless speed change tractor comes off the high-end line

the new 2254 (puma225cvt) stepless speed change tractor enables the driver to push a handle or press a key to control the tractor forward and backward by using the new integrated touch key console on the right side of the driver's seat, while the digital LCD on the right side displays the tractor status and operation information to help achieve good

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