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Construction machinery and oil and gas equipment are expected to have structural opportunities

construction machinery and oil and gas equipment are expected to have structural opportunities

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the economy is gradually stabilized, and the industry is subdivided to explore investment opportunities. The machinery industry, as a pillar industry of the national economy, runs through the entire manufacturing industry. After the high economic growth from 2001 to 2007, the economy has been bottoming out, and the investment in fixed assets and industrial added value are hovering at the bottom. At present, it is slightly stabilizing. The popularity of real estate has led the whole real estate industry chain to take the lead. We believe that the investment opportunities in the machinery industry in 2017 come from certainty and structure, Then the friction resistance was reduced, specifically, the structural opportunities of demand pull, policy promotion and marginal improvement in the cycle. Starting from the downstream demand segmentation, the investment opportunities of each segmented industry were carefully sorted out. Report summary:

demand driven

lightweight - equipment ― slimming ‖ is the general trend of lightweight. The demand for equipment lightweight mainly comes from the demand for military and civilian products. Lightweight will greatly improve the performance of equipment. 3C automation -- Apple has been leading the trend of science and technology for ten years, and 3C automation has a broad space. In 2017, the samples were tightened as Apple's decade. The continuous emergence of new technologies in the industry is expected to bring huge demand for new 3C devices. AMOLED and 3D glass cover devices have exploded in the industrial chain

policy driven

industry recovery, profit recovery, nuclear power equipment ready to go -- nuclear power industry in (8) technological progress of light and high strength new materials and military utilization; Under the dual escort of energy structure adjustment and national policies, with the approval gradually returning to normal, the third-generation nuclear power main pump was successfully delivered. The nuclear power bidding was restarted in 2017, and the industry prosperity is expected to rise. Responding to the "the Belt and Road", high-end equipment goes abroad -- with the gradual promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, domestic high-end equipment going to sea can not only enhance the popularity of national brands, but also release domestic production capacity abroad, and expand the source of income by occupying foreign markets. Private enterprises participate in military projects, and national enterprises achieve win-win development -- by introducing private enterprises and various types of private capital into the military industry, the solidified military industry system can be activated and the scientific and technological R & D capacity of military products can be further enhanced

cycle structured

the economy has stabilized, the cycle is now marginal improved, and some product structural opportunities - the economy has gradually stabilized. With the steady implementation of the policy of stable growth and structural adjustment, infrastructure projects are booming, and some of the cycle products are marginal improved. Coal machinery, engineering machinery and oil and gas equipment are expected to form a new generation of clear films and coatings, and the barrier performance begins to approach the structural opportunities of metal sheets and aluminized films

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