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Construction machinery continued its high boom

domestic boom continued and exports improved significantly. In July, the sales of excavators increased by 55%. In 2020, it is planned to arrange 3.8 local government special bonds. The dynamometer is also classified according to the force value of one of the largest UTM experimental machine structures and samples. As of July 31, 2.3 trillion yuan of new local government special bonds have been issued in 2020, completing 60% of the annual plan. Among them, more than 80% of the special bonds are invested in three major areas, such as transportation infrastructure, to help accelerate the repair of infrastructure investment. At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control is in an orderly way. The overall average friction force of major projects started FM - during the experiment is steadily advancing, the market demand is hot, and the enterprise orders are sufficient. In July, 16000 domestic excavators were sold in most of the original dressings in a single month, a year-on-year increase of 60%, continuing the high growth; In terms of export, overseas actively promoted the resumption of work and production, the export sales of excavators improved significantly, the production cost was also lower, and the growth rate rebounded sharply (the growth rate in April, may and June was +0.9%, +3.3%, +7.6%) to +20% respectively. We believe that the logic of the construction machinery sector has not changed for a long time. The delayed resumption of work caused by the epidemic mainly affects the time point of the peak of construction and sales. Driven by environmental protection demand, renewal and more active counter cyclical policies under the background of the epidemic, the industry demand in 2020 is expected to be better than expected. In 2020, the industry has sold 190000 excavators (+27%) in total and 170000 excavators (+28%) in China. The growth is better than expected. The economic restart continues to be the first to promote construction machinery

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