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Scientific and technological innovation, pull the existing 34 patents of Nanjing Julong and its subsidiaries, and promote the long industrial chain of China Glass City

Suyu District recently prepared to increase scientific and technological innovation, lengthen the industrial chain, and promote the upgrading and upgrading of glass products. Relevant people said that scientific and technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises. Only with the ability of scientific and technological innovation can we lead the market trend and continuously enhance the market competitiveness of products

only by developing new products with independent intellectual property rights, lengthening the industrial chain, and forming the product advantages of "people without me, people with me, and people with me", can we realize the fundamental transformation from "following the market is appropriate or exaggerated" to "leading the market". Taking xiuqiang Glass Group as an example, the enterprise attaches great importance to accelerating technological transformation. In just over a decade, it has developed and produced more than 10 national patented products. "Inner arc printing color crystal glass" and "multilayer film structure glass" have passed the provincial new product appraisal, filling the domestic gap and reaching the international advanced level. The sales share of refrigerator glass accessories accounts for 55% in China and 30% in the world. Refrigerator colored crystal glass monopolizes 70% of the domestic market. If the company stops production for a few days, many well-known household appliance enterprises will not be able to turn their production lines. From this, it can be seen that scientific and technological innovation is still the primary topic to improve the popularity and product competitiveness of our city's glass industry. We should guide glass enterprises to cooperate with domestic key universities, make use of the scientific research strength of national key laboratories of colleges and universities, increase the investment in scientific and technological funds, adhere to the introduction, digestion and absorption, and build a scientific and technological innovation system combining production, learning and research, Through the development of new products, we all know that the maintenance of universal testing machine is very important, to create an uncompetitive, new market space and new business opportunities, promote the upgrading and upgrading of the city's glass industry, and lead the new trend of the national glass industry

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