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Henan Suiping Shuanglong carton packaging Co., Ltd. technical transformation project

release date: Source: Suiping County People's Government

approval opinions on the environmental impact report form of Henan Suiping Shuanglong carton packaging Co., Ltd. technical transformation project

approval opinions:

Sui environmental assessment form [2019] No. 33

on the environmental impact report form of Henan Suiping Shuanglong carton packaging Co., Ltd. technical transformation project

First, Henan Suiping Shuanglong carton packaging Co., Ltd. technical transformation project, with a total investment of 300000, including environmental protection investment of 110000, belongs to technical transformation, covering an area of 10000m2. The main construction content of the project is to use the existing plant to carry out technical transformation of the existing production line, and add watermark and silk screen printing technology. The construction site is located in Tiexi Development Zone of Suiping county (west side of national highway 107). The approval items of the project have expired at the county government station, and there is no objection during the publicity period. According to the enterprise investment project filing Certificate (project code:) issued by Suiping county development and Reform Commission, the land certificate and expert technical review opinions issued by the county land and Resources Bureau and other relevant documents, the project meets the national industrial policies and land use requirements, and the environmental impact report of the technological transformation project of Henan Suiping Shuanglong carton packaging Co., Ltd. prepared by Guohuan Hongbo (Beijing) energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is approved in principle, The construction unit shall implement all environmental pollution control facilities and funds proposed in the report form, strictly implement the environmental management regulations of the construction project, and clearly reflect the values of each experimental section

II. During the implementation of the project, we should focus on the following work:

(I) wastewater: domestic wastewater is discharged into Suiping county urban sewage treatment plant through municipal pipes after being treated in septic tanks

(II) exhaust gas: the exhaust gas from the gas-fired boiler is treated with "low nitrogen combustion + bag filter" and discharged by an 8-meter-high exhaust funnel, which meets the requirements of the gas-fired boiler in the notice of the office of Zhumadian Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing the implementation plan for the 2019 air pollution prevention and control battle in Zhumadian City (zzb [2019] No. 39). After being treated by gas collecting hood +uv photolysis + activated carbon, the printing waste gas is discharged from a 15 meter high exhaust funnel, which meets the relevant limit standard requirements of the "printing industry" in the notice on the recommended emission value in the special treatment of volatile organic compounds in industrial enterprises across the province (yhgjb [2017] No. 162)

(III) noise: after taking vibration reduction, noise elimination and other measures for equipment noise, the noise at the plant boundary can meet the requirements of class 3 and class 4 standard limits in the emission standard for environmental noise at the boundary of industrial enterprises (GB)

(IV) solid waste: waste liquid from printing machine cleaning, impregnation ink, waste lamp, waste catalyst and waste activated carbon are collected and temporarily stored in the hazardous waste room, and regularly handed over to qualified units for treatment; Waste leftover materials are collected and sold out; Waste oil and ink bottles are collected and temporarily stored in the hazardous waste room and handed over to the manufacturer for recycling; Domestic garbage is collected in a centralized manner and then handed over to the environmental sanitation department for regular cleaning and transportation

III. after the operation of the project, the total amount control indicators of pollutants are: sulfur dioxide 0.0204t/a, nitrogen oxide 0.0954 T/A

IV. if the state or our province promulgates new standards that are stricter than the emission limits of pollutants in this reply in the future, we should pay more attention to the risks of equipped control systems and sheet metal technology according to the new best at that time: 1) the process of interest rate hike in the United States is accelerated; 2) Sluggish domestic demand; 3) The implementation of supply-demand transformation is lower than the expected emission standard

v. the validity of this approval opinion is 5 years. If the nature, scale, location, production technology or pollution prevention and control measures of the construction project change significantly, the environmental impact assessment documents of the construction project shall be re submitted for approval

VI. the daily supervision and management of the project is in the charge of the urban environmental protection law enforcement office of Suiping County Environmental Protection Bureau

there should be no abnormality in 2019 August 16

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