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Technological innovation promotes the sustainable development of Dow Chemical in Asia

with China's increasing emphasis on sustainable development, Dow Chemical's functional fluids, polyglycol ethers and surfactants business closely follow the development trend, and timely developed products and biodegradable surfactants for the Chinese market, including solar energy application systems, high-quality photovoltaic silicon wafers, environmental protection air conditioning and other fields. With the endless stream of innovative achievements and the rapid development in the sensitivity market in Asia, Dow Chemical has realized its firm commitment to sustainable development with the support of leading technology and innovative solutions

Dow chemical functional fluids Mr. jimbatt, global business director of polyglycol ethers and surfactants, said: "Due to the rapid growth of China's industry and the surge in demand for energy, as well as the increasing attention to issues such as energy conservation, alternative energy and product safety, this will lead us to enter a new business field. High quality products and services enhance the competitiveness of Dow Chemical, making us stand out in the fierce market competition. Asia is the key region for Dow's success. We have made great achievements in this region We have achieved milestone success and will continue this good momentum of development. "

"Dow Chemical knows that sustainable development is of great significance to the future development of China, any other country, and the world. Through in-depth cooperation with our customers and investors, Dow Chemical has the obligation to do its part for sustainable development." Mr. batt continued

Dow Chemical has operated heat transfer fluid for 75 years, with a wide range of products. The high-quality technical service support enables Dow heat transfer fluid products to adapt to the chemical reaction process in various low-temperature and high-temperature environments. The extensive product line of synthetic alkyl glycol (PAG) is based on basic fluids, lubricants and lubricants with superior performance, and its performance is much better than that of petroleum, animal and vegetable oils. Dow provides a variety of polyethylene glycol products, each with superior and distinctive adaptability and lubrication performance, a wide range of viscosity, light color, irritating test bench. The mechanical bench part is composed of electric cylinder loading mechanism, fixture mechanism, load mechanism, table body, etc., with small odor, low dust, high stability, and low flammability. Dow surfactant products can improve the cleaning and wetting properties of household cleaning products and enhance the compoundability of industrial cleaning products

the following cases are the recent contributions of Dow functional fluids, polyglycol ethers and surfactants division to the sustainable development of Chinese and Asian customers:

functional products in Asia

in recent years, due to the government's encouragement and support for green energy innovation, South Korea's solar photovoltaic industry has experienced blowout growth. Polysilicon is the main raw material of solar photovoltaic products such as solar cells and semiconductors. In South Korea, Dow Chemical has provided products to several polysilicon manufacturers, such as woonjin, hksilicon and KCC. In the first round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in China and Singapore, Dow provided relevant products to Jiangsu Shunda Electronic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Zhongning silicon Co., Ltd. Due to the booming downstream demand for solar wafers and photovoltaic solar panels, the demand for polysilicon has increased sharply in recent years. In order to better supply syltherm heat transfer fluid and dowtherm heat transfer fluid for two independent polysilicon manufacturing processes (involving low-temperature and high-temperature operating environments), Dow has set up production facilities in relevant regions. Tao is very intentional in promoting the technological development of the experimental machine industry; S is one of several companies in the world with this technology and production capacity

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