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Technological progress plays an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction in China's non-ferrous metal industry. Since the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the national non-ferrous metal industry has formed a number of advanced technologies with independent intellectual property rights for production through independent innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, which has greatly improved the level of technical equipment and played a decisive role in energy conservation and emission reduction. After each experiment

according to the introduction, how to deal with the abnormal conditions encountered in the use of the electrolytic electronic tensile testing machine? Now let's make a brief introduction: aluminum technology is developing the fastest. Based on the independent research and development of 300kA large-scale pre baked cell aluminum electrolysis technology, the 370ka large-scale pre baked cell designed by China Aluminum international engineering company has been completed and put into operation in Lanzhou Aluminum 270000 ton aluminum series, becoming the electrolysis series with the largest cell capacity in the world at present? Among them, 16 sets of 400kA extra large aluminum electrolysis industrial test cells are designed and built to provide technical support for industry 2. Regular liquidation and protection equipping? In addition, Zhongfu aluminum's large-scale aluminum electrolysis series uninterrupted technology and complete sets of devices and the promotion and application of Wanji aluminum's fully graphitized cathode materials have played an important role in power saving

in addition, the cloud has realized the effective capture and efficient transformation of CO2. South Metallurgical Group has combined the ISA furnace lead smelting technology with the independently innovative oxygen enriched slag blast furnace reduction process technology for the first time in the world, forming a high-efficiency furnace with independent intellectual property rights? Energy saving? A clean new process for smelting crude lead? Jiangxi copper? Tongling flash furnace? Ausmelt furnace of Yuntong? Jinchuan's synthetic furnace and Western Mining's Kaldor furnace have increased energy-saving technological transformation, using high-efficiency oxygen enriched smelting technology and waste heat? The comprehensive utilization technology of residual energy reduces emissions and saves energy consumption? The waste copper smelting and refining technology and equipment independently developed by Ningbo Jintian copper industry has greatly improved efficiency, reduced emissions, and achieved cleaner production

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