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Technological innovation is the main way to improve the quality of crushers

the outstanding national economic level and government performance have led to the transformation of many cities. Here I would like to emphasize that 1. The goal of green ecological industry in plastic processing industry and the construction of safety and health projects are constantly increasing, and the construction of tourism in remote mountainous areas and the construction of new towns in small and medium-sized cities are blooming all over China. In addition, Jiang Weixin, the Minister of housing and urban rural development, recently announced that the target task of the urban affordable housing project in 2014 is to basically complete more than 4.8 million units, with more than 6million new units under construction, including more than 3.7 million units in shanty towns. With the commencement of a large number of engineering projects, there is a huge demand for sand and gravel

according to the experimental data, it is also more accurate to understand that whether it is the construction of large-scale infrastructure or small-scale construction, the role of sand and gravel aggregate in the project is irreplaceable and crucial, because its quality is directly related to the overall quality of the project. Therefore, the state has issued three orders and five declarations to strictly prevent the flow of inferior and shoddy aggregate materials into the project construction

in order to obtain good aggregate, it is necessary to have good equipment. The quality of crusher directly markets the quality of crushed gravel aggregate, so the requirements of crusher are higher and higher. Therefore, our crusher products are required to develop towards the direction of high technology, high quality, high performance and long life, so as to meet the huge market demand

technology is the main way to improve the quality of crushers

the technology and quality of equipment is the basis to measure whether an enterprise can develop in the long term. In the globalization, it adopts the wire wound high-precision linear resistance converter to measure displacement hybrid market. Today, with technology dominating the market and guiding consumption, if an enterprise does not have the core technology of its own products, it will lose its competitive advantage, let alone quality and brand. If an enterprise wants to be a brand, it must first have absolute competitive technology

the technical improvement of China's crusher industry is a long-term work, which needs to be closely combined with the market. In particular, the transformation of scientific research achievements into productivity requires a long process. We must put forward short-term and long-term goals, and have a good R & D leader and some elite soldiers, so as to truly play the role of the R & D center. While improving the added value of product technology and establishing the brand of the enterprise, we should also take a good lead for the industry; Accumulate and improve the basic technical and manufacturing capabilities in design technology, reliability technology, manufacturing process flow, basic materials, basic mechanical parts and electronic components, basic manufacturing equipment, lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, etc., so as to achieve the vigorous growth of enterprises

new, efficient and high-tech crushers are produced by only a few manufacturers in China, so many manufacturers still prefer foreign brands. The development of foreign crusher technology is relatively early, and it has always been in the forefront, but the price is very expensive. With the continuous maturity of technology, China's crusher enterprises increase scientific research strength, independent innovation, break technical barriers, and optimize the enterprise structure, Strengthen the complete set capacity and level of large-scale equipment manufacturing, improve the high-precision and cutting-edge technology content of "electromechanical integration", the large-scale crushing and screening equipment has developed rapidly, the product quality has been significantly improved, and the market competition of crusher products can continue to strengthen, go abroad and go to the world

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