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Technological revolution tailings utilization is no longer a low-end industry

when it comes to tailings utilization, not only most market consumers are skeptical, thinking that even if the products produced are perfect, their raw materials are also waste. Some insiders even believe that the utilization of tailings is an act of last resort because of the increasingly high requirements for environmental protection. Subconsciously, tailings utilization is a passive behavior with little practical significance. Then, what is the reality of tailings utilization

tailings utilization industry condenses high and new technology

experts said that early tailings utilization only produces some urban floor tiles, with simple process, low added value of products and limited sales radius. Whether it is industry or public opinion guidance, this is only the primary stage of tailings utilization

with the in-depth utilization of tailings, the application field of tailings is becoming wider and wider. In addition to making urban floor tiles, tailings sand can also be used to produce glass ceramics, building ceramics, cement, cast stone products, glass products, fertilizers, lime sand bricks, unburned bricks, artificial stones, arts and crafts ceramics, daily-use ceramic raw materials, concrete, etc. the production of glass ceramics with tailings sand has become a highlight of the industry

for example, microcrystalline glass, also known as microcrystalline jade, can be seen from the alternative name of microcrystalline jade, its high-performance texture, which integrates the three advantages of glass, ceramics and natural stone. Ordinary glass is fragile because of irregular internal atomic arrangement, while microcrystalline glass, like ceramics, is composed of crystals. The atomic arrangement is regular, which is more tenacious than glass, and brighter than ceramics. Moreover, its performance is better than natural stone. In addition to being used for building curtain walls and indoor high-end decoration, it is also made into mechanical structural materials, electronic and electrical insulation materials, large-scale integrated circuit base plate materials Microwave oven heat-resistant cracking utensils, chemical and anti-corrosion materials and mining wear-resistant materials are new materials with broad development prospects in the 21st century

for a long time, tailings sand has been the waste left by mine production. Because the dam break accident caused by tailings dam is very harmful, dealing with tailings has become a thorny problem for many mining enterprises. However, in the view of researchers who have conquered high-performance glass ceramics, this is not the case, because the composition of tailings is mostly similar to the raw materials of glass ceramics, just like broken glass is waste, and a complete piece of glass is a product. Therefore, in the eyes of researchers, tailings sand is not waste. It is the same as the raw materials of high-end building materials, but exists in different forms

with more and more technologies being conquered, tailings sand has become more and more raw materials for production. Many domestic scientific research institutions have long begun the in-depth research on the production of glass ceramics from tailings. The chemical composition of mine tailings is determined by computer detection, and then the product performance is optimized by adding chemical elements. The use of tailings not only greatly reduces the production cost, but also makes the performance of products better. In this process, with the participation of more and more high-tech enterprises and the continuous breakthrough of technology, the glass ceramics made of tailings sand has achieved a qualitative leap, and its performance has surpassed the traditional building decoration materials. The production of glass ceramics by using tailings sand is not a low-end industry, but a combination of more high-tech

the demonstration project leads the development of industrialization

it is learned that in March 2014, Kuancheng Jianlong mining company invested 109 million yuan to establish Kuancheng jiaruide new building materials Co., Ltd Multi language random switching. The latter uses the tailings produced by the former mine to make ordinary bricks and artificial quartzite plates, realizing circular economic utilization

compared with the two products, the market of ordinary bricks is small, but the amount of tailings sand used in the production process is large; Although the amount of tailing sand used in making artificial quartzite plate is relatively small, it has a wide application field, a large market and greater difficulty in technical research and development

zhangwenjian, chairman of Kuancheng jiaruide new building materials Co., Ltd., told China mining news that using existing chemical raw materials, tailings sand, high-tech and low-energy production methods, man-made quartzite plates can be made. No harmful compounds and additives are used in the product configuration and production process, which can be comparable to natural marble in both color and texture. In recent years, the application of artificial quartzite plate has been rapidly promoted, especially in public places such as airports and shopping malls, as well as in the fields of cabinet panels and windowsill plates, with a broad market prospect

although Kuancheng jiaruide new building materials Co., Ltd. has not been established for a long time, it has developed more than 20 varieties of artificial quartz stone plates, which are exported to Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing and other places. It not only makes comprehensive use of tailings, but also brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise

not only that, Kuancheng jiaruide new building materials Co., Ltd. has been actively exploring more uses of tailings, and has now applied tailings plus bonding materials to make solid and smooth 3D models. This measure has successfully changed the production mode of special-shaped sculptures in the construction industry, making the production of special-shaped sculptures that were originally more difficult to produce more accurate and efficient

similar to Kuancheng jiaruide new building materials Co., Ltd., there is Beijing Tsinghua Science Park Chiang Mai new materials Co., Ltd., which invested 550 million yuan to build the tailings comprehensive utilization project, which is a national "tailings comprehensive utilization high-tech industrialization demonstration project" established by the national development and Reform Commission in Liaoning. The project uses hundreds of millions of tons of waste tailings in Nanfen District as raw materials for re beneficiation, he added, and develops and produces products such as high-strength cement and light building materials, so as to recycle all waste industrial products to achieve zero emissions, and can "swallow" 3million tons of tailings slag powder every year

well known enterprises outside the industry bring new technologies

enterprises in mines and related industries are increasingly studying the comprehensive utilization of tailings, and enterprises outside the industry have long begun the layout of the glass-ceramic industry

China mining news learned that Beijing jingbaolong optical materials Co., Ltd., which entered the production of optical glasses as early as 1998, led by technological innovation and deeply cultivated the high-end glasses industry. After four years of hard work, it suddenly emerged. In 2002, it became a leading optical lens enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales, with a market share of more than 90% in the national optical glasses market and the most advanced optical technology at that time, Entering the peak of the PC built-in PCL experimental Card Exhibition Based on the excuse of PCL

although the company has enviable performance, the head of the company never dared to slack off. Instead, he had more sense of hardship, prepared for a rainy day, began a new plan, and conducted a detailed market survey of the glass-ceramic market. In 2003, according to the market trend, the company resolutely established Beijing AoYa Glass Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. after integrating a series of resources, officially entering the high-end decorative materials industry. With the advanced technology accumulated in the optical lens industry for many years, the company achieved an annual output of 300000 square meters of "Oya" brand Microcrystalline stone and 12000 tons of microcrystalline glass pellets in 2008. In this regard, some architectural professionals commented: "this is the technology used to make glass ceramics with precision optical instruments, and it has more than enough technology."

in the following years, "AoYa" brand glass ceramics gradually became the leading brand in the industry, laying a solid foundation for the company's development in the field of glass ceramics. In 2013, the company once again horizontally integrated industry resources, carried out the second transformation and upgrading, and established Beijing MIDI decorative materials Co., Ltd., which introduced the most advanced slotting equipment in the world at that time, equipped with advanced automatic product production lines, and had a tempering line up to 130 meters, which was the longest fire recovery line in China at that time. It had independent R & D and quality control laboratories, and increased the R & D and testing equipment of precision instruments, Combined with the world's most advanced lock patented technology, we have developed environmentally friendly and convenient stone plastic flooring products in the new century, and stone plastic flooring is the development trend of decorative materials in the future

in 2015, the company won the green building materials product certificate, obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, passed the CE certification, reached the BFL level of fire prevention, and reached the most stringent EU REACH 155 product requirements. These have also become the passes for its products to be exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and also the best proof of the high-tech content of the products. Today, Midea has cash assets of 120million, 7 modern standardized plants, 2 4000 square meters of comprehensive office buildings, and the plant covers an area of 30000 square meters, entering a new stage of development

under the general situation of Beijing relieving non capital functions, because the company is located in Beijing Songzhuang Art District and needs to move to other places, the head of the company hopes to take this opportunity to realize transformation and upgrading again. First, attract all parties to invest in building a cultural industry in the original plant area, and second, take advantage of their own technology and equipment to invest in emerging enterprises, lead the development of the industry through technological innovation, and open a new era with many enterprises in the industry

enterprises involved in glass ceramics include not only top optical lens enterprises, but also well-known construction enterprises, including Hebei Haitian construction group. With its advanced technology and accumulated rich experience in the field of building materials, the group has long begun to build a systematic project for the comprehensive utilization of tailings

on August 26, 2015, Handan one two cycle Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haitian construction group, made a breakthrough, and held the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of the "eight in one" project and the foundation laying ceremony of microcrystalline plate in Shexian County, Handan. The project is a landing project that forms the integrated pattern of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and is also a typical representative of local circular economy projects. It pioneers a new model of mine waste from comprehensive treatment to overall treatment. Its "eight dimensional integration" project refers to building eight projects into a circular economy industrial park, which is a cross industry and cross field system project. The difficulty can be imagined. Two of these projects are the annual output of 400000 square meters of microcrystalline plates and 400000 cubic meters of microcrystalline foaming high-grade thermal insulation materials

according to the project plan, every grain of sand of mine waste in the circular economy industrial park can realize value. Qin Jinniu, chairman of Hebei Haitian construction group, said that after the completion of the first two phases, 5million tons of mine waste can be "eaten" every year, and more than 800 mu of landform can be restored, making it the first comprehensive demonstration park for large-scale utilization of mine waste in China

in this regard, Li Zhangda, chief scientist of the tailings treatment research center of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, believes that with the progress of science and technology and the liberalization of the mechanism, starting from the characteristics of resources, mining can fully realize the overall utilization of resources, not the comprehensive utilization of some useful substances, but the full reuse of mine waste, which is a disruptive technological revolution

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