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Leading in technological innovation, anchor glass competed to be the "singles champion" of the industry

"at the provincial Manufacturing Conference, anchor glass was commended as a provincial technological innovation demonstration enterprise. Li Qiang, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, praised us for competing to be the" singles champion "of the industry in terms of safety, stability, reliability and precision, which doubled the confidence of the enterprise in future innovation and development!" On the 23rd, Wu Benhua, chairman of Jiangsu iron anchor Glass Co., Ltd., told. At present, the company is promoting the construction of high-end nuclear power equipment projects and intelligent OLED display projects, aiming to consolidate the leading position of iron anchor in the field of high-end glass manufacturing

anchor glass was originally a school run enterprise, mainly producing low-end agricultural vehicle glass. In the 1990s, this small workshop enterprise was in trouble. After Wu Benhua became the head of the enterprise, he led everyone to seek benefits from scientific and technological innovation, look for the future in product upgrading, continue to increase research and development investment, and successively developed a series of new products with high technical content, such as aircraft glass, military glass, automobile sunroof assembly, and gradually expand the enterprise territory in the high-end glass market. The rail transit safety glass developed and produced by the company has reached the international advanced level, filling the domestic gap, and the iron anchor has jumped to become the developer of five national standards for rail transit safety glass

in order to become the "industry singles champion" in the fierce market competition, anchor glass has the treasure of victory - constantly launching new projects and good projects. Wu Benhua introduced that last year, the iron anchor company launched five new projects, including locomotive glass, automobile motor and commercial vehicle glass, and completed the investment of technological transformation equipment 2. 600million yuan

large investment is aimed at the big market. The automobile safety glass and skylight assemblies produced by tieanchor mainly serve nearly 10 domestic well-known brands such as SAIC, FAW, FAW and NAC, and the products occupy more than 30% of the market share of automobile glass mini car segment. The windshield safety glass and side window assembly for rail transit occupy 80% of the overall market share of the front windshield of high-speed rail and bullet trains with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour in China. Aircraft safety glass, military safety glass and other special safety glass have made a hit, and the company has become the first private enterprise military glass supplier in China

"Auto panoramic sunroof project is one of the new key projects of the company in recent years. At present, five production lines of auto panoramic measuring surface with a diameter of 20mm-100mm need to be equipped with surface support ring sunroof, and the annual production capacity of 300000 sets of all kinds of auto sunroof is realized. This year, the sales revenue of sunroof is expected to reach 710 million yuan. By 2020, the sales revenue of auto sunroof is expected to reach 3 billion yuan, ranking among the top five mainstream suppliers in China's sunroof market Name. " Wu Benhua is full of confidence

talents are the key to scientific and technological innovation. Over the years, iron anchor glass has introduced 26 professors from colleges and universities, 2 distinguished professors from Changjiang Scholars, 1 person from the 100 person plan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 provincial 333 talent training objects, and 30 foreign technical experts

iron anchor people's pursuit of scientific research and technology is endless. The company spent a lot of money to lead the establishment of the only bird impact laboratory in East China, which can conduct bird impact tests at a speed of 1000 kilometers per hour. The company cooperated with the College of Aeronautics of Northwestern Polytechnic University to establish a joint laboratory of structural impact dynamics. In October 2015, the company jointly built a commercial bird impact test base with COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute and Northwestern Polytechnic University. Iron anchor company has also undertaken the R & D tasks of C919 dafei-1, a plastic processing industry that adheres to the direction of "resource-saving, environment-friendly and technological innovation", aircraft cockpit glass localization and arj-700 aircraft whole machine glass localization projects, as well as the R & D tasks of domestic Xinzhou 700 cockpit and cabin glass. At present, the porthole glass provided by the company for domestic C919 large aircraft and the windshield glass of a large military aircraft have been delivered to users, and the excellent performance of the products has been highly praised by users

"honor is back, and it should be turned into a driving force." Wu Benhua has a new plan in mind, "from now on, do four things well. First, with the help of rail transit, aircraft and intelligent glass technology platforms, set a pull table in the disc, constantly optimize the existing products of automotive glass, continue to innovate" Internet + automotive glass ", and lead the new development of automotive safety glass industry in the future. Second, continue to vigorously develop high-speed rail, motor car and aircraft glass, continue to consolidate the leading position in the high-speed rail and motor car glass industry, and promote the mass production and installation of aircraft glass; Third, strengthen the research and development of fire-proof glass, intelligent glass and electromechanical products, and realize the output of new products and projects as soon as possible; Fourth, focus on expanding the research and development of aircraft carriers, nuclear power safety and other products, and strive to become a domestic military backbone enterprise in the next three to five years. "

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