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Technological innovation helps Zoomlion move towards excellence

Guide: in the long history of human development, 20 years is just a small spray; In the process of enterprise development, 20 years means arduous entrepreneurship and strong growth. In the past 20 years, Zoomlion has transformed from a traditional national scientific research institute into the seventh largest construction machinery giant in the world

in the long history of human development, 20 years is just a small spray; In the process of enterprise development, 20 years means arduous entrepreneurship and strong growth. In the past 20 years, Zoomlion has transformed from a traditional national scientific research institute into the seventh largest construction machinery giant in the world, like a Phoenix Nirvana. The profound background and origin of national scientific research institutes have made Zoomlion deeply branded with science and technology since its birth. Science and technology and innovation are destined to flow in the body of Zoomlion like a cavity of blood. Over the past 20 years, it is the rapid technological innovation that has become the foundation and inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of Zoomlion, and has provided the world's leading technical support for the global development of Zoomlion

three modes of research and development focusing on high-end technological innovation

the competition in the construction machinery market has been the competition in the international market. In order to have core competitiveness, we must master the crucial core technology and continuously achieve innovative results. In order to achieve this goal, in the process of enterprise development, Zoomlion has explored and summarized three types of sustainable innovation models with Zoomlion characteristics through in-depth practice of international collaboration, international integration and original innovation

international collaboration, integration and innovation - occupy the technological commanding heights of the industry. In 2011, Zoomlion, through in-depth collaboration with the acquired Italian CIFA company, used carbon fiber technology to improve the process flow, and developed the world's longest 80 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, breaking the Guinness world record and occupying the commanding height of pump truck technology. The product has applied for 40 patents, including 18 invention patents, accounting for 45%, 45 international PCT patents, and a total of more than 100 layout patents

buyout absorption, integration and Innovation -- realize the leap from China's leading to the international leading. In June, 2011, Zoomlion quickly absorbed, integrated and innovated by buying out the world's top German Jost flat head Tower series product technology, realizing the leap of tower crane technology from China's leading to the international leading. Through technical integration, 30 related patents have been applied for in China, including 10 invention patents

top level design, independent innovation - breaking the monopoly of enterprises in countries with poor lubrication conditions. Focusing on the research and development of core technologies and core products, the company has actively carried out the development of common technologies, key components and global leading products, and made major breakthroughs. The experimental machine based on independent innovation is a relatively common laboratory machine. The super large tonnage crawler crane with the strongest lifting capacity in the world was born in Zoomlion, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries on the 3000 ton crawler crane 6. When doing experiments with test blocks of the same size. The product has applied for 37 patents, including 18 invention patents, with a total of more than 100 layout patents

the three types of R & D modes coordinate and integrate global technological resources from the perspective of internationalization, and finally achieve complete independent innovation by high-level grafting, which provides a continuous impetus for the technological progress of enterprises

virtuous circle - Science and technology promote industry and industry feed back scientific research

Zoomlion has always maintained high-intensity R & D investment, spending more than 5% of its sales revenue on scientific research every year, and focusing on four directions:

first, host product development, facing the market to develop products that meet market needs. Zoomlion has an average of one new product offline every day. At present, it has formed an international construction machinery industry cluster composed of many professional branches and subsidiaries, such as concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, earth moving machinery, pavement machinery, hydraulic components, fire-fighting equipment, special axle, etc., and is the enterprise with the widest product matrix in the construction machinery industry in the world

second, common technology research, which lays the foundation and provides impetus for continuous innovation. According to the independent of the UK, on April 22, Zoomlion established the industry's only enterprise State Key Laboratory, the first national engineering technology research center, and the first domestic urban public equipment technology research institute, which focused on solving the industry's forward-looking and basic research and development problems, and the depth and breadth of independent innovation have been rapidly expanded. At present, Zoomlion's construction machinery wear-resistant material technology, high-strength alloy steel welding technology, electromechanical and hydraulic integrated control technology have reached the international advanced level. The development and application of common technologies provide strong support for the development of new products. For high-strength steel, which is widely used in construction machinery, there is no design standard for high-strength steel truss structure in China, and relevant foreign technologies are confidential and locked internally. This situation leads to the lack of appropriate design basis for the design of high-strength steel boom of cranes in China, which can only be designed by analogy based on foreign products, The designed boom is heavier and has lower lifting performance than that of foreign countries. Zoomlion has overcome the problem of stability calculation of high-strength steel truss structure through common technology research, filled the domestic gap, and provided a powerful technical guarantee for the development of crawler cranes, tower cranes and other products of the company in the direction of large tonnage and high quality, and enhanced international competitiveness

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