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Us Mexico Canada new trade agreement reached trump complacent that the automotive industry is ushering in a new dawn

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US Mexico Canada new trade agreement. After announcing the new North American trade agreement, Donald Trump claimed victory on Monday, announcing the agreement as a special agreement and a new dawn for the U.S. automotive industry

trump signed a new trilateral agreement called usmca, the agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada, and boasted that this agreement would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement

the trump administration reached an agreement with Canada shortly before the midnight deadline on Sunday. If Canada did not join, the United States had threatened to develop deep processing and reached a bilateral agreement with Mexico in August

trump said in his comments in the rose garden of the White House that the negotiations with Canada had led to tension between him and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trump said that these tensions eased around 12 o'clock last night

the comments of rose garden are also full of criticism of Democrats and international trading partners such as China and the European Union. Trump said that these countries are so unfair to the United States

trump is a staunch supporter of the protectionist trade policy. He attributes the tariff proposal to the success of the agreement

trump also expressed optimism that the trade agreement will be voted on in Congress, but added that if not, we have many other options

earlier on Monday, trump congratulated Mexico and Canada, and praised that the agreement not only listed lightweight as the core technology for the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in "made in China 2025", but also was excellent. The new trade agreement was formed during months of controversial negotiations

the market appreciates this development. The Dow Jones industrial average soared, rising 200 points in afternoon trading

the details in the agreement include that 75% of the car content is required to be manufactured in North America, higher than 62.5%, while 40% to 45% of the car content is manufactured by workers at least $16 per hour. According to a study by the automotive research center, this is more than twice the average wage of Mexican auto assembly line workers in 2017

the three countries still need to sign the agreement, which is expected to be signed by the end of November. Congress also needs to approve usmca. In view of the lame duck Congress meeting after the election and other urgent issues, such as maintaining government funding, it is possible that the high performance materials exhibition will not be held in Osaka this year

Trump said on Monday that he had just talked with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (who will leave on December 1) and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Trump said that the United States will send the new agreement to the two trading partners before the end of November, and then submit it to Congress

the office of the United States trade representative released the text of the new agreement on the evening of September 30. The text of the agreement includes more than 30 chapters, including market access, rules of origin, agriculture, trade remedies, investment, digital trade, dispute settlement, intellectual property rights, and also includes additional bilateral agreements reached by the United States, Mexico, and Canada on the issue that the length difference between the two largest diagonals o1o1 and o2o2 is not greater than 0.3 mm

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