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The U.S. governor planned China to build special economic zones in the United States to get rid of tariffs

the U.S. governor planned to build special economic and trade zones for Chinese enterprises

the financial tsunami that broke out in the United States has had an incalculable impact on the current global economy. As the center of the world's manufacturing industry, Chinese enterprises have also been under great pressure from the appreciation of the people's currency, the rise in the price of raw materials, and the sharp rise in operating costs

in the afternoon of October 25, the China Marketing Masters Tour Series Forum decided to fight for the next 30 years. The manufacturing upgrading and marketing transformation theme summit of Guangdong enterprises was held at Sun Yat sen University. Milton Kotler, a world-famous marketing master, won the approval of the industry with his unique insights and successful marketing strategies

Milton Kotler believes that the financial crisis has made cheap goods more popular

high price goods such as 4-ratio goods are opportunities for China's manufacturing industry

at the summit, the guests expressed their views, and the wonderful remarks from time to time aroused warm applause from the audience. Milton Kotler's view that China should set up special economic zones in the United States cheered the audience. From the perspective of marketing, this view is a good idea

enterprises should dare to invest in brands

China's manufacturing industry is still at the low end of the world's industrial chain. With the upgrading and transformation of Guangdong's manufacturing industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been eliminated. Made in Guangdong, which used to be popular for a while, is now facing the dilemma of transformation. Where to go is the most concerned topic of many entrepreneurs

local enterprises should dare to invest and be good at brand building. At the summit, Xie Yi, vice president of Guangzhou news agency, said. He believes that when Guangdong's manufacturing industry is facing difficulties, it should have a forward-looking vision, dare to invest to expand the brand, be good at using limited funds, and consider the cost performance of investment, so as to be competitive

this view coincides with the statement made by Yu Jianchang, executive vice president of Galanz. The scale of our enterprise is still too small. China's household appliance enterprises together have a scale of 10billion US dollars, while the scale of the world's well-known household appliance brands is often hundreds of billions of US dollars. The difference in scale makes enterprises at an obvious disadvantage in the competition

there are too few senior management talents in China

Milton Kotler believes that compared with the real economy, there are too few senior management talents in China, while there are too many in the United States at present. With the expansion of the economic crisis, capital is gradually transferred to the less affected growth market, and the distribution of wealth is gradually transferred from the west to the East, which makes these senior managers work in Eastern countries

Yu Jianchang told Galanz that it is currently recruiting experts from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea on a large scale. For example, Galanz has spent 15million yuan a year to introduce Korean experts and 3million yuan from multinational companies such as Electrolux to introduce the best marketing experts. As for how to attract these talents, Yu Jianchang said: he is now unemployed. I will give him the same salary abroad, and he will certainly be willing to

there is still a market for daily consumer goods

enterprises should learn to adjust their business strategies when they are competitive. At the meeting, experts agreed that the financial crisis has brought low consumption back to people

China is the largest manufacturing country in the world, and it is undeniable that China is also the only master in the world who produces cheap goods. Milton Kotler is outspoken. He believes that after the financial crisis, low-cost goods and cost-effective value goods are opportunities for China's manufacturing industry

Europe and the United States have fallen into a sustained economic recession, and people's consumption has changed from upward purchase to downward purchase. Milton Kotler explained that, for example, what Americans need most now is a $300 refrigerator and $89 air conditioner, but the market is full of high priced goods. Therefore, Haier's $169 air conditioner is very popular. If a manufacturer produces an air conditioner of $110~120, That will be a huge market

Milton Kotler's words were endorsed by Yu Jianchang. Despite the economic depression, there is still a market for daily consumer goods, but the market for high-end consumer goods has shrunk. Therefore, we should not eliminate low value-added industries. On the contrary, we should continue to increase these enterprises. They not only create a large number of employment opportunities, but also produce goods that meet current needs. Yu Jianchang believes

China should go to the United States to establish special economic zones

the Chinese government and enterprises should go to the United States to establish special economic and trade zones, and build the production system on the land of the United States, so as to get rid of tariffs, policies and other adverse factors, and at the same time, share huge channel profits. Milton Kotler's words surprised the audience. He said that because the United States is facing employment difficulties, the governors of several states in the United States have been considering this in order to optimize the reaction conditions. The instruments often encountered in mechanical metrological verification, experimental machine jjg139-1, domestic mines, have a poor transaction. 999 verification regulations require that the allowable error of its indication is usually not more than ± 1%. When the metrological department carries out metrological verification on it, its indication error is mainly reflected in the following ways: problems

Milton Kotler told, for example, Kentucky has perfect transportation facilities, and UPS' global air transit center is located in that state. In addition, the state also has low land costs, which are even cheaper than Dongguan, Guangdong. In addition, there are a large number of unemployed senior management talents, which is what enterprises need for development. Therefore, the Chinese government and enterprises should establish a special economic and trade zone there. Only by introducing large Chinese manufacturing enterprises and their complete industrial chain into the special zone can we avoid trade barriers, manufacture and sell products in the United States and occupy the market

although the labor cost will be higher, enterprises can get a lot of profits as long as they control the retail channel by taking shares and other means. He cited analytical data to show that an enterprise's profit in product manufacturing is only 10%, while the profit in the distribution process is as high as 50% - 60%. This income is enough to make up for the relatively high production costs

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