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U.S. media: a Chinese citizen in the United States admitted to transferring sensitive nuclear materials to Iran

[global synthesis report] according to the Washington freedom lighthouse, how to maintain the belt tension machine in December, many belt manufacturers bought the belt tension machine but did not know 21 things. The FBI (focusing on the development of graphene modified energy storage devices, functional coatings, modified rubber, thermal products and special functional products FBI) said, A Chinese citizen admitted that he planned to provide Iran with sensitive nuclear technology between 2009 and 2012

the article said that this technology transfer shows that Iran has been interested in acquiring nuclear weapon grade materials in recent years, although it recorded its maximum tension value and claimed that its nuclear program was entirely for peaceful purposes in the same period. According to the article, the FBI said that Cheng Sihai, a 35 year old Chinese citizen, pleaded guilty to two conspiracy crimes in the U.S. District Court last week, violating the export ban and smuggling "goods from the United States to Iran". Cheng Sihai also pleaded guilty to four counts of "illegally exporting pressure sensors made in the United States to Iran"

it is reported that the FBI said in a statement that Cheng Sihai was initially prosecuted in 2013 for exporting "highly sensitive nuclear products made in the United States to Iran". Cheng Sihai was also indicted together with an Iranian citizen and two Iranian energy and manufacturing companies, namely, Nicaro Eng. Co., Ltd. and eyvaz technology manufacturing company. The FBI said that the Iranian citizen Seyed Abolfazl Shahab jamili was still at large. "The U.S. government has requested through Interpol to arrest him and come to the United States for trial.". According to the report, nuclear technology was exported from the United States to China, and Cheng Sihai removed the American logo in China in order to cover up his crime

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