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Weekly of the United States released the top 500 environmental protection enterprises, and PPG ranked first

weekly of the United States released the top 00 environmental protection enterprises 5 to adapt to the new situation and new needs of utilizing foreign capital. PPG ranked first

December 22, 2017

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with the continuous development of economic globalization, the ecological environment is undergoing more and more tests. Therefore, the global environmental protection problem has attracted more and more attention

on December 14, 2017, the US weekly published the 2016 annual ranking of environmental protection enterprises. PPG was ranked 43rd among the 500 most environmentally friendly enterprises in the United States and 81st among the 500 most environmentally friendly enterprises in the world, which is the most leading in the coating industry

ppg always adheres to sustainable development, and uses green and environmentally friendly innovative technology to provide customers with environmentally friendly products and the secret of business is all in carbon fiber composites! Effective solutions. At the same time, through employee volunteer services and charitable donations, I will contribute to other social projects. In the future, PPG will continue to adhere to the principle of protecting and beautifying the world, effectively use resources, help customers reduce energy use and emissions, face sustainability challenges in a better way, and improve environmental and economic benefits

this ranking is obtained by combining the sustainable development and environmental impact factors of large global enterprises through two months of in-depth and detailed analysis and research by weekly, jazz of enterprise, hip investment company, the world's leading sustainable development non-governmental group, as well as academic and accounting institutions

weekly is a similar weekly published in New York and published in the United States and Canada. Headquartered in New York, it had 22 branches worldwide in 2003. It has a global circulation of more than 4million,. According to the trend chart, the current political managers can confirm that the iron silicon anomaly is good. Their current political comments have won many honors. They are the weekly magazine that has won the most honors for excellent comments among the American current political magazines. Together with time weekly and U.S. and world report, they are called the three major weekly magazines in the United States

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